Best Mobile App Development Ideas Worth Investing Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has hit on the major area of the earth, and almost every country is suffering from the COVID-19. The world is suffering and also the lifestyle, economy, and everything is hit badly by the COVID-19 pandemic. The only way to stay safe from the Virus is to stay home until someone finds a vaccine for it. People are not moving out of their houses to stay safe from the virus.

But, here’s a catch! People are staying home to stay safe from the virus and hence, they cannot go to work, and in its result, the majority of people are unable to earn while staying protected from the coronavirus pandemic. So, the situation is that they are exhausting their savings and funds in order to survive. But, what if we tell you that you can earn a decent income even in this pandemic situation, and you can continue to earn even after the pandemic gets over.

Yes, you read it right! But, how can one simply earn money by staying at home? The answer is “Investing”. Well, you don’t have to invest your money in any funds. You just have to invest in Mobile App Development, and serve people what they are looking for!

A survey cites that people are spending 20% more time on their phones during this lockdown, and people are trying different fitness apps, Yoga and Meditation apps, learning new skills from eLearning Apps, and a lot more stuff.

Why should you invest in Mobile App Development?

A lot of people are moving towards online education, learning new skills from online education apps, learning meditation from apps, or watching movies or series from online media streaming apps. That’s how they spend their time during this lockdown period. And you can take advantage of lockdown and build and launch your application and later monetize your app to make a source for income. You can hire a mobile app development company to build your mobile application and monetize it.

Trending App Ideas for 2020

Here are some ideas you can invest your money to develop cool Mobile Apps that will be loved by people during and after this lockdown.

Fitness App Development

A lot of people are being conscious for their health and fitness. As gyms are closed because of the pandemic, people are turning towards home exercises which keep them fit and healthy. So developing one such fitness app could be beneficial for you. People will look for a fitness app, they find your app, install it, and use it. You can add various exercises that can be worked out from home, without any types of equipment and the users will love it.

Yoga and Meditation App

A lot of people have been noticing the power of Yoga and Meditation lately, and they are learning to make Yoga and meditation a part of their lives during and even after this pandemic. So, they all are searching for a Yoga and Meditation Learning Application in their app store. Teach them Yoga and Meditation with Yoga and Meditation App Development. Our expert developers will build one such app for you and you get a chance to be the spiritual teacher of a lot of users.

Monetization for Fitness App and Yoga App

Now, let’s talk about how you can make money from giving out free lessons of fitness, yoga, and spirituality to the users without charging them a penny. Then, the answer is the ads. There could be two monetization models for your fitness as well as the Yoga app from which you can earn some money. 

The first one is the free version. Everyone can download your app and use it, and you will show different ads while the user is using the app, and through those ads, you can earn some money. Another way to earn from the freemium version is through affiliate marketing, you redirect your users to different fitness and Yoga product’s websites, and earn commission through it.

Another way to monetize your app is through a paid membership and In-app purchases. You can add premium membership for your fitness and Yoga app, which shows no ads, which is pleasing for users as there won’t be any annoying ads, and also you can add some In-app purchases that unlock special features in your app to monetize your fitness application.

Education and eLearning App

People don’t want to get out of this lockdown without learning a new skill, so there is always a demand for eLearning Applications which teaches the users new skills and technologies. So, users will always be in for learning a new skill or a new programming language. So, you can develop an app that lets the users learn new skills that add value to their life and career. A lot of people are building their careers based on the skills they learned through eLearning Apps. So, building an eLearning app and providing education to people who want to improve their skills is a great choice to go for.

Now let’s see how can you earn benefits and some money from it while you stay at home doing nothing except eating and sleeping during this lockdown.

Earn Commissions:

You will, of course, set some fees to learn a particular skill or course. So, the student will pay for the course he/she is opting for, and you can earn the commission between the student and the instructor.

Food Recipe App

There’s one thing that hasn’t stopped in this lockdown, and that is the Kitchen. A lot of people are staying at home and learning to cook during this lockdown. So, Food Recipe Apps are grossing in the app market. People are trying to cook different dishes every day, so you can take advantage of this situation and launch a Food Recipe Application that teaches you different recipes according to ingredients availability. Such apps are a big hit in the market, which shows recipes based on what you have in the fridge!

You can hire Mobile App Developers to build one such Food Recipe App and build a great audience for the app.


You can put ads in your recipe app which will bring you a decent income, so the users don’t have to pay anything to get your app and you can earn a handsome income by showing them the ads of their interest. This is a win-win strategy.

You can also earn through affiliate marketing. You can redirect your user to popular food websites, and if they make a purchase, you earn a commission from it.

Grocery Delivery App

If you are a grocery shop owner, and cannot open your shop due to the lockdown condition, the safest way to do business is via a Grocery App. Develop a grocery delivery application, and start delivering groceries, food, and milk through the mobile application. You can advertise it locally and can get quite a great number of customers who are in dire need of groceries due to the lockdown.

In this scenario, you can start delivering groceries to help people and help yourself too. You can start taking orders online and deliver it to the customer’s home. And this could be the best strategy to keep your grocery shop running amidst the pandemic.

Doctor Appointment App

Even for working professionals during this pandemic, a mobile application can be a bliss. Suppose if you are an independent doctor with a clinic of yours, then developing a mobile app for your clinic can be a great move! Patients can easily make an appointment on your app, and that can save you and your patient’s time. You can also easily view the upcoming appointment, manage your appointments, manage the patients from your mobile application. So, developing a mobile app will also create a brand image for your clinic, so it is beneficial in that way as well!

You cannot directly monetize the appointment app, but you can always collect advance payment through the payment gateway in your mobile app. The appointment app is a kind of service to your patient.


So, we read about how to continue your earnings even in the lockdown period, through Mobile App Development and launching it for the users. So even when you are at your home, your app is used by everyone and provides you with a decent income. So, these were some Mobile App Development Ideas for 2020 that can bring some income to your home. You can get any type of above-mentioned app developed with us to continue your earning during this pandemic and even after the pandemic.

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