Define and Create High Quality Content

We’re overwhelmed by an avalanche of content every day.

Lots people say create high-quality content, but how can measure for mentioning that as a high-quality content?

Just Think about Facebook, LinkedIn, It’s impossible to consume all the content in your news feed every hour.

From the last several years, “high-quality content” has evolved & has held diverse meanings, like someone says content is high quality when it’s over 1000+ words as that are what Google loves. It is true, but not 100%. Slapping together 1000+ words on a subject the one genuine characteristic of high-quality content?

Of course not!

So what is High-Quality Content?

If you ask Digital Marketing Consultant/Expert or other marketers this question, you’ll get biased answers, such as utilizing content length to decide the content quality and comparative this.

Quality content is primarily content that achieves:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Well rank on search engines
  3. Increase CTR
  4. Business Leads
  5. Improve Social Presence

A bit of content that accomplish any or all of above indicate advertising objectives is describing as quality content.

So How Can You Create Quality Content?

Research Content & Always Have a Backlog of Content Ideas:
  • Your content thoughts decide if your content turns out extraordinary or bearable quality.
  • When you develop the right content idea, your audience help spread it for you. To get the right content ideas, you can analysis your competitor’s website & its blogs, see what type of content is working for them and so on.
  • When you perform content research, it does not necessarily need to use the same idea or same blog reference or cover the same topic.
Perform Research on Your Chosen Topic:
  • It doesn’t make a difference whether the content you’re making is visual, audio, written – research is imperative.
  • Even if you plan to write on your own idea, then also you need to research on that topic.
  • Recently I saw many content writers who, after researching topics similar to theirs, end up seeming like the posts they researched on the principal page search engine. Don’t be like them!
  • You do research to know what you can enhance in view of the officially existing content you find.
Choose Your Own Unique Aspect:
  • Creating content that is similar to what others have already created is sometimes insignificant.
  • But that often means you can stand out in several ways with careful forethought & planning.
Let’s use some headlines to understand this:
  1. How to Create High-Quality Content
  2. Why Should You Create High-Quality Content
  3. Why Creating High-Quality Content
  4. Guidance For Creating High-Quality Content
  5. Tips to Create High-Quality Content

These are some examples of how you can spin the content without differing their meaning or motive.

Apply Your Own Experience:
  • Do you have any experience in relation to your topic if any? If you have any experience you can –and should – use them.
  • Your experience does not need to be an isolated store.
Create Content on Its Subtopics:
  • Technically, most topics depend on its subtopics, but in a different context. Always try to think of subtopics in your niche that are not consistently talked about or not very well known, then research on it and see if it will resonate with your audience. Then create content!
Always Try To Use Different Content Forms:
  • We see different content forms in many blogs which can complement written with other media, like pictures, memes, Infographic, charts, etc.
  • Normally visually content include text, charts, pictures, screenshots and so many other things. The point is used for different multimedia options to enhance your content.
Review The Final Piece:
  • I have talked with so many popular bloggers, content writers, marketing person and all of them said just one thing that creating quality content is a lack of time.
  • When you’re under pressure to publish content immediately or on a fixed date, sometimes you may deliver stellar content. But you should always create content ahead of time with a refreshing mind, and you should adjust your timeline to survey & proofread your content & decide whether it is good or need to adjust before publishing.
  • Let see one example, I am not a person who doesn’t like the film editors, so I know film editors need to editing sharp to make each scene of the film is refined for consumption by the audience.
Measure Your Content’s Performance:
  • After creating & publishing the content, you can say it is high-quality content until seeing the content performance.
  • First Decide Few Things like, what were your goals for creating content? Or it is for improving ranking on search engine, OR it is for increasing your customer engagement ratio? Decide first.
  • Let’s say you trying to increase your customer engagement for that, you need to look at analytics like, time spend on a page, how many social shares, how people are reading your content, check your content page bounce rate and etc. It is a bit difficult but you get the idea whether your content is “high-quality or not”!

Writtem By Sagar Prajapati Digital Marketing Consultant at INEXTURE SOLUTIONS LLP

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