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Helapay Wallet
Helapay wallet is a digital payment solution developed by Inexture using the Apache Solr which enables faster and precise searches on your wallet.

Digital Wallet




Apache Solr 6.4.1, Android – Kotlin, iOS – Swift 4, AngularJS

Expertise Delivered

Digital Wallet and money transfer application with Solr


elapay wallet is the digital wallet for today’s needs. It offers instant wallet money transfer and other digital payment needs. Helapay wallet is built on Kotlin for the Android platform and on Swift 4 for the iOS platform. Apache Solr is used for search requirements in the Helapay project, which provides an accurate and flawless searching experience to the users. Apache Solr provides a faceted search for different types of searches. If the user wants to search the transaction by date, amount or by person name, the Apache Solr provides the desired search results in no-time.