Apache Solr

Solr is an open-source search platform which is used to build search applications. Solr is enterprise-ready, fast and highly scalable. Solr can be used along with Hadoop, Enterprise portals, E-Commerce systems.
Architecture and search optimization services

Solr can help us drive the business insights for the systems with a huge amount of data. We leverage the power of Lucene Solr combined with the latest content enhancement approaches to providing more diversified search service offerings for clients. We also develop tailor-made solutions using Lucene Solr for the following:

  • Crawling web resources: pages and documents, forums, blogs
  • Content processing and conversion
  • Content enhancement and extraction
  • PDF search by page
  • Alternative search for SharePoint, email
  • Search and database integration
  • Audits and Upgrades to your current Solr installation
solr services
Why choose Inexture for Solr?

We help your business to scale upward by bringing together data from multiple repositories for search in Solr. We offer a wide range of readily available searching capabilities.

Solr Features
  • Solr is a document-based data store.
  • Non-relational data model
  • Solr implements Lucene-based search capabilities
  • Solr scores the relevance of search results using the Lucene scoring algorithm.
  • Solr is able to selectively boost the relative importance of search fields and specific values in a field when calculating scores.