Social Media Update: June 2018

Last Month, was quite eventful where some amazing updates are released for almost all social media platforms. So Let’s Jump Right into new things.

Facebook Test Review Scores in Business Pages

In Month of June, Where Facebook faced such critical issues like data privacy, lots of people don’t know that in that period facebook added an option for business pages to turn on review scores in place of star ratings. Previously, the user was able to give star ratings which are calculated on a five-point scale, but from now onwards user gives star ratings to any business page in 10 point scale & weight multiple sources including rating, reviews, and recommendations people share about page on facebook.

Facebook Add Polling Feature to Messenger Stories

Right now every social media user is very well aware of Poll stickers. We usually saw in facebook & Instagram stories, from now onwards it also included in Messenger stories.  The process is same as it is, just upload a photo or video, select poll stickers, & then type question and the user will available to give the possible answer and questioner just simply swipe up to see the list of viewers and votes.

Periscope Roll out Background Audio For iOS:

Periscope added the ability to continue listening to periscope broadcasts even when the screen is turned off or while using other apps. This update is currently only available on the iOS app.

Snapchat Introduce First Lens:

In Month of June, Snapchat introduces the new type of lens that reacts to what it sees and what it hears. Snapchat also said in the recent statement, that the company plans to launch more lenses in the next few weeks.

Instagram Shares Ranking Criteria for Algorithm:

Recently, Instagram releases a statement and said, from now onwards three main factors are weighted by its algorithm before a post appears in a user’s personal feed. That three factors, like what you see in your Instagram feed are interested, recency & relationship.

Facebook Introduce Bidding for In-App Ads:

Facebook Audience Newton announced that it now supports bidding for in-app ads. In this new system, an ad network will engage in real-time bidding. The app for the network willing to pay the most for placement within a publisher’s app will be served.

Twitter Rolls Out Personalized News Alerts & Event Notification:

From now onwards, Twitter users are also see breaking, personalized notifications based on their interest.

Google Provide Greater Transparency & Control Over Google Ads Experience:

Google launched a series of new ad setting that makes it easier for users to understand & control how their Adword Ads are specifically tailored to them. Google is also providing greater transparency in why a user may see certain ads by expanding the “Why this ad?” link found on all services that show Google ads.

Facebook Experience with A/B Testing For Page Post:

Same like as email marketing, now Facebook also launches new experimenting option for page post.  Admins with access to this tool will be able to run experimenting post for targeting two different audiences and compare how each performs.

LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Ads:

LinkedIn Introduce new Ads Called Carousel Ads, which is helpful for sponsoring the content. It also includes up to 10 customized swappable cards. It helps in a measure a campaign performance such as click-through rates & the number of leads. The advertiser also able to downloadable reports with clicks and impressions by individual card within the ad & LinkedIn will integrate reporting directly into campaign management tool.

Instagram Debuts New Stand-Alone Video App, IGTV:

Recently, Instagram announces IGTV, a new app designed for watching long-term, full-screen videos.  The videos can be up to an hour long and the user can be viewed from within the main Instagram app.

YouTube Launches New Creative Suite for Marketers:

YouTube rolled out collection resources to help advertisers tell great stories on YouTube, test creative variations, and measure creative impact.  The new suite will focus on delivering, video creative analytics tools, & storytelling.  Currently it is in testing mode, hopefully, in next few weeks, it will officially release.

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Written by Sagar Prajapati –  Digital Marketing Consultant at INEXTURE Solutions LLP

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