Your Detailed Guide To iOS Development And Post-development Plan

Increasing usage of iPhones has created a large market for iOS App Developers and iPhone application development. Everywhere you go, you see iPhone users, because iPhones are faster and secure as compared to the other phones. People prefer iPhones because it respects the user’s privacy and does not sell its data to the third party. So, people who respect their privacy are choosing iPhones over any other smartphone. So, there’s a huge market for iPhone development and with it, you can expand your business to the iPhone users.

For example, if you are selling something on your physical store, then selling it on an iPhone app would be much better because of its worldwide reach. So, you can sell your products to any iPhone user via your iPhone Application.

So, you can expand your current business to the entire world, via your iPhone Application, and every iPhone user can download and install your application and purchase your products or avail your services. But, how to plan the iOS App development project? Well, we will guide you here for your next iOS Application Development project.

iOS App Development Process

Every development project follows a workflow, so here is the iOS App Development workflow, in other words, how your iOS App will be created.

Project Planning

The first and foremost step is to plan your application. The way you plan your application will define the overall structure and maintainability of your application. You may require a detailed and thorough market analysis and your competitor’s analysis.

The planning phase is the most important phase as it comprises the most important factors for your iOS App Development. How your app will flow and what will be your strategy to develop the app will be decided in this first step. 

Design Phase

The second phase is the design phase, which includes the overall design and looks of your application. This second phase may involve the wireframe design and also the User Interface of your iOS App. Before finalizing the design, you should know some secrets to a great app design and design your app accordingly. 

Designing plays an important role in your app success. Because what looks is what matters to the users. If your app has a great intuitive and user-friendly design, then your app is 50% success already. And don’t forget to put a great User Experience in your app apart from just a user interface.

Development Phase

Now, this is the phase where you will need to hire iOS Developers who will take care of the logic behind your iOS application. If a screen redirects you to another screen, then there is a logic behind it and that logic is developed by iOS developers. How your app will deal with data, how it allows the users to place an order on your app, how the users will deal with your app everything is developed by the developers.

Integration also comes along with the development. If you want to implement a third party function in your app, then you must integrate your app with that function and if you want to collect digital payments, then you must integrate Payment Gateway of your choice to your iOS Application. So, the development phase includes integration with other software, tools as well.

Testing Phase

In this phase, the app has been developed, but it is not quality checked yet, so the Quality Assurance engineers will work on your app, which includes unit testing, performance testing, usability testing,  many more testing. Quality assurance engineers will perform all these tests on your app and find out bugs and assign the developers to fix them. After fixing those bugs, the app is once again tested thoroughly.

After making sure the app has not any bugs and it is working properly, the app is ready to be deployed and to launch in the market. So, there’s a lot of processes involved in launching a mobile app.


When the continuous testing cycles are completed, and the testers have made sure that this app does not contain any bugs in it, and it is ready to hand over to the client or ready to launch in the market, app deployment is done. 

The development partner for your iPhone app development will help you deploy the app which includes uploading your iOS App to the App Store. Getting approval from the app store might take some days, thereafter, your app will be available for all the iPhone users. 


Now when your app is deployed and people are using your app from every corner of the earth, the servers are likely to be burdened with a lot of users. Even if your server is not burdened with a lot of users, your app always requires some maintenance, through which your app would stay in good health. 

Maintenance often includes security updates, app performance testing, app store listing optimization, cache clearance,  a lot of stuff that will keep your app in good health.

So, this was the app development process of an iOS App. This is how an app is crafted and deployed in the market. But what to do after launching the app? How to spread the word about your latest app in the market?

Well, in such a case, you might need App Store Optimization services through which your app will get some good and genuine visibility on the internet. Through app store optimization, your organic audience will increase and that will be resultant in increased customers and increased business revenue. You can run paid social media campaigns and set offers and schemes to attract more visitors to your app. This is how you market your app post-development.

If you too, want to develop an iOS Application, then you can contact us and hire iOS developers to avail of iOS app development services, which could be the game-changer for your business and reward you with digital success.

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