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In our newest task, CurePulse, we made an application to improve medical services right from your home. We focused on making things easier for clients by doing three Major things: making it simple to set up regular checkups, sending suggestions to take medication, and monitoring your health in a way that is only for you. We likewise made it conceivable to converse with specialists and experts through the application. This is a new and better method for improving your well-being and health. The Consideration In addition to the application shows the amount we care about giving the best health service, ensuring everybody can deal with their health effectively and well. 

Client Requirements

The client needed an easy-to-utilize application that improves medical care and is more advanced, allowing individuals to get clinical assistance right from home. They needed the application to be not difficult to utilize with the goal that anybody could immediately set up doctor visits, get suggestions to take their medication, and watch out for their wellbeing in an individual manner. They additionally believed clients should have the option to talk straightforwardly to specialists and experts for advice and care that is only for them. It was critical to the client that the app worked well for all users, kept their information secure, and respected their privacy.

Their main objective was to create an application that helps people better manage their health, makes good medical care more accessible, and makes everyone who uses it happy with the results.


Easy Appointment Scheduling

The CurePulse app permits clients to rapidly and effectively plan meetings with specialists and doctors experts, making it advantageous to get the consideration they need without the problem of traditional booking techniques.

Direct Access to Healthcare Professionals

The application overcomes any barrier between patients and medical service providers, offering direct communication channels for consultations, advice, and customized care plans from the solace of the client's home.

Personalized Health Tracking

With customized health tracking features, clients can monitor their important signs, track symptoms, and watch out for their overall health progress, all customized to their necessities.

Medication Reminders

To assist clients with keeping steady over their health, the application sends opportune updates for taking meds, guaranteeing adherence to prescribed treatment plans and further improving health outcomes.

Emergency Assistance

With the push of a button, customers have immediate access to emergency services, allowing them to ask for help in crucial situations.

Health Data Privacy

Perceiving the significance of user data protection, CurePulse is planned with exclusive requirements of protection and safety efforts to safeguard personal health information, guaranteeing clients can entrust the platform with their most sensitive data.

User-Friendly Interface

CurePulse highlights an intuitive and accessible interface, making it simple for individuals of any age and technical education level to explore the application and access its extensive variety of healthcare benefits successfully.


One of the most troublesome errands was combining a variety of healthcare services onto a single platform.  Giving reliable admittance to different kinds of medical consultations, arrangement booking, and health tracking while at the same time holding an easy-to-use experience required progressed backend design and careful planning.

One specific challenge we confronted with SQLite technology was guaranteeing information synchronization across devices. As clients anticipated their health data, appointments, and suggestions to be exceptional across the entirety of their devices, executing productive and solid sync mechanisms with SQLite, given its local storage nature, required creative methodologies and sometimes complex workarounds to keep up with data consistency and respectability across the stage.

Making expert medical advice easily accessible via the app presented considerable obstacles, notably because of coordination with medical experts and specialists. Establishing a trustworthy network of medical specialists prepared to provide consultations and advice via the platform necessitated managing scheduling constraints and ensuring that users received timely and correct health advice.

Keeping users interested and making sure the app provided constant benefits was a significant challenge. We wanted to provide interesting features, such as medication reminders and health tracking, that not only fulfilled users’ immediate requirements but also supported regular use and aid in habit formation, all while competing with other health applications on the market.

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