The Ectro Shop

eCommerce Website/Electronics
Set of digital devices screen mockup


An eCommerce platform where users can buy different electrical products including large machines right from their mobile phones. The portal is integrated with the power of Searching with natural language processing capabilities to cater to different queries like “Bluetooth collar headset under 2000 euros” . or “inflatable travel cushions cloth-based from HomeShop”. It has a faceted search and customized Solr search engine which makes the smart searching possible.


  • SAP Hybris 6.6
  • Apache Solr
  • Java 1.8
  • AngularJS 5
  • SOAP
  • jQuery
  • SAP Sybase ASE

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Product catalog search
  • Solr Integration for real-time searches
  • Natural query support
  • Faceting for product listing page
  • Worldpay Payment Gateway Integration

Business + Technical Points:

  • B2B Responsive Commerce Solution
  • Product Customization with Data Modeling
  • Up boost down boost a product
  • Payment Integration with WorldPay
  • Natural Query Support like : “inflatable travel cushions cloth based from HomeShop”
  • Near Real-time Product availability after adding them to catalog
  • User friendly facilities like faceted search to suggest more options