Fintech / Messaging App Development
Hela Chat


A free messaging app. You can send and receive messages, photos, videos, documents, location, and Voice Messages via Mobile Data or Wi-fi. Enjoy group chats with your contacts to stay in touch with your friends or family.


  • Android - Kotlin
  • iOS - Swift

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Creating a scalable globally meshed low-latency service using XMPP and Openfire.
  • Managing Device resources like Battery and user privacy
  • Overcoming security concerns for the user content
  • Creating a group chat where all the user has publishing rights and different role to manage the group chat
  • Sharing media, location, contact and files over the network and manage long term storage and resilience
  • It is hard to survive your connection on various Connection states and manage continuity.
  • Managing server infrastructure and scaling over time
  • Implementing video compressor without losing video quality

Business + Technical Points:

  • Chat functionality
  • Sharing media, location and contacts
  • Contact syncing
  • Implement XMPP protocol for chatting and sharing media
  • Attractive UI