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Flutter Development June 17, 2024

Flutter 3.22 Launch: Boost WebApp Performance with WASM, Dart Macros & More

Writen by Mahipalsinh Rana



With the release of Flutter 3.22 is another major release in the development of this classic app development framework. Since its introduction, Flutter has been in the limelight in creating smooth and high-performing applications for different platforms.

The most recent update launched during the Google I/O on May 14, 2024, maintains this tradition bringing new features and enhancements aimed at improving the developer interface and improving the usefulness of applications. This iteration notably includes WebAssembly (WASM) for enhanced web-app performance and uses advanced Dart macros among other features setting the bar higher for efficiency and response in app creation.

Major Highlights of Flutter 3.22

Resolved Firebase Issues: A significant step forward has been made in developing Flutter 3. 22 is a big NO for the question about Firebase which is a very basic component for some Flutter apps such as user authentication, the real-time database, etc. These changes enable these services to operate more optimally and also enhance their stability which is a key indicator of the performance of Flutter apps.

Minimal Breaking Changes: With a focus on stability, Flutter 3. 22 introduces minimal breaking changes overall, especially in the Material Design system and the core framework. It contributes to the reduced need for frequent restructuring of codes in the development process and also allows developers to adapt a previously used code without necessarily rewriting it entirely, which is essential for maintaining a steady pace of work.

Regeneration of Build Files: With Flutter 3.22, developers are recommended to regenerate crucial build files, such as `index.html` and Gradle scripts. This step is vital to keep the project compatible with new updates in Flutter and its dependencies, ensuring the build process is optimized and aligns with the new features and improvements.

Updating Deprecated Libraries: Flutter 3. 22 prompts developers to delete some of the classes that were inherited from older versions of the framework and use them more efficiently instead. This is highly advisable to maintain the health of the code base to support future enhancements to the application in a more sustainable way or incorporate new advances in the field into the application.

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Framework Improvements in Flutter 3.22

Flutter 3.22 introduces a series of framework updates that significantly enhance the development experience, ensuring more robust and efficient app creation:

Consistent Test Runs: The update includes disabling test shuffling in `widget_tester_leaks_test.dart` to foster more consistent and reliable testing environments, streamlining the validation process during development.

Spell Check Enhancements: Enhancements to spell checks involving regex reserved characters to increase the number of rejections to filter out a reserved character that would otherwise interfere with the processing capacity of an application or warp a particular text.

Removal of Order Dependency: The newer release contains changes recommended to clear out order-dependency conditions observable in the code; such alterations can contribute toward making the in-application behavior more sound.

Upgraded Memory Management: Flutter 3. 22 has improved memory management and debugging into the new leak-tracking mechanisms that enable one to provide the best shot at handling resources as required.

Flexible Form Validation: A new form validation method introduced in this version as an improvement also provides the ability to the developer to complaint with the validation tasks as much as improve the functions that are intended to govern the user inputs.

Dynamic View Sizing: The implementation of this feature in the current release, therefore, means that dynamic view sizing has been restored as a way of enabling the application to be arranged in a manner that is more receptive to movements in size and orientation of the screen.

Improve Leak Tracking Tests: The overall quality of testing is improved to provide more accurate and better results in detecting and solving the problems associated with the performance of an application.

Improved Text Processing: The handling of `null` cases in `ProcessText` and `queryTextActions` has been improved, preventing errors and enhancing the robustness of text processing features.

Text Style Debugging: Flutter 3.22 ensures that debug labels are not overlooked in `TextStyle.copyWith`, which aids developers in better understanding and debugging text-related issues.

NestedScrollView Improvements: The problem with `NestedScrollView` has been resolved, and it is related to a better prediction of scroll points and movement, which is all-important when it comes to creating usable and fluent scrollable experiences.

Material Widgets Updates in Flutter 3.22

Chip Components Enhancements

Flutter 3. 22 improves the Chip widgets by giving users more accurate ways to shape them to meet contemporary design demands. Also, Chip tests have been modified to align with the Material 3 standards to maintain uniform standards for the implementations. There are also many fixes for chip icon and label color problems, enhancing visual consistency.

SelectableRegion and CircularProgressIndicator Enhancements

For Android, new system-wide customization for text selection toolbar buttons added in SelectableRegion improves users’ interactions. Additionally, it can be cited that problems associated with the non-stable state of CircularProgressIndicator on Darwin platforms in the previous versions have been fixed.

SearchBar and SearchAnchor Improvements

Extended usage flexibility is the new possibility to turn off the SearchBar when needed by developers. The visibilities of a clear button in search views have been fixed, and concerning the search anchor, we decreased the number of unnecessary suggestion builders.

TextField and TextFormField Upgrades

Disabled TextFields can now also be scrolled through which enhances the usability. Inconsistencies in the helper text area of TextFields under Material 3 have been rationalized, and the responsiveness of suffix and prefix widgets in the input decorators has been improved.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Documentation across the board has been improved with updates and typo corrections for better clarity. Code clarity has also been boosted by refactoring if chains into switch statements. Animation style support has been added to bottom sheet functionalities like `showBottomSheet` and `showModalBottomSheet`. Moreover, issues with scrollbar thickness and behavior on hover have been fixed, refining the UI further.

Platform-Specific Enhancements

iOS Updates

Improvements in native asset management and debuggers help make developing iOS apps easier. Wireless debugging is now supported for previous versions of iOS, which has increased flexibility. CI processes for iOS development have also been enhanced with better log uploads and notifications of unlinked devices.

Android Enhancements

The hello_world app now adopted Gradle Kotlin DSL which makes the build script to be more maintainable. PlatformViewRenderTarget has had its interface reduced, and there were improvements to performance in the FlutterRenderer.

Windows Enhancements

The Bank of Brazil has been included in the Windows Flutter Doctor validator as a security module check. There are also improvements in the platform views of Android about performance and reliability.

DevTools Updates

Tooling Enhancements

Work with native assets in the bottom applications of Android continues to be friendly with better support. Gradle has now enhanced Kotlin DSL to give a more expressive configuration of files for increased maintainability. For the visuals, the shader target has been selected to enhance graphics while the organization of the asset bundle is enhanced for efficiency. Improvements in the areas of versioning of Gradle are aimed at improving build compatibility and stability.

Engine and Rendering Improvements

Significant updates in the Flutter engine are based on Impeller, the new rendering engine. Interface: New visual effects include an improved blur effect and updated shader bundle which gives developers more access points to creating great-looking interfaces. Additional improvements in the pipeline and memory rendering mean better and more reliable interactions in flutter applications.

WebAssembly Integration and Vertex AI for Firebase Dart SDK

WebAssembly support in Flutter 3.22 significantly boosts performance, especially in web applications with rich animations. The preview of Vertex AI for Firebase Dart SDK introduces generative AI capabilities into Flutter apps, enhancing user experiences with advanced machine learning models.

The passion and support of the communities at the heart of every Flutter release are central to its constant evolution. The expansion of the Flutter Framework and the release of Flutter 3.22 is a tribute to the combined efforts and hard work of numerous developers and contributors in supporting this powerful framework. Hire Flutter Developer to leverage these exciting new features and take your projects to the next level.

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