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Flutter Development February 9, 2021

Flutter : A Game Changing Technology for Mobile App Development

Writen by Vishal Shah


Mobile App Development has been in trend for the past several years. People are using mobile apps to the max extent. We have mobile apps for a lot of things, like grocery delivery, food delivery, consulting a doctor, trading shares, watching a movie, or anything. We got a mobile app for all these purposes. Mobile App Development has become a new basic necessity for any business, as most businesses can run online with a mobile app or website.

People hire mobile app developers or mobile app development companies to build a mobile app for their business. The purpose behind hiring mobile developers is to go global. When your business has a mobile app, it creates a global identity and spreads words about your business on the internet.

There are many mobile app development technologies that help you with your app development project, but there is one technology that has been quite famous for mobile app development, and that is Flutter!

Let’s see what Flutter is and how it became so popular recently? We will also see a brief history of Flutter, its top features and talk about other things related to Flutter App Development.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI development kit developed by Google. By availing of Flutter Development services, one can develop amazing UI for mobile apps or web apps. The Flutter project was started as a codename “Sky” and ran only on Android devices. But, it has expanded now and works across most devices.

Brief History of Flutter

Flutter was introduced to the world by the tech giant Google at the DART conference back in 2015. But, its final stable version was released in late 2018 (In December), and since then, the popularity of Flutter development is growing every passing day. A lot of tech giants used Flutter to upgrade their app, and it made Flutter quite famous.

Alibaba launched some famous apps which were built with Flutter, and Google itself, launched the Google ads app in Flutter, so, these reasons made it quite famous.

Now, let’s see some Flutter features that made Flutter development famous worldwide, and made developers learn Flutter development.

Top Flutter Features

There must be some reason behind the instant popularity of Flutter App Development. Apart from being launched by Google, its features is one reason why Flutter gained so much popularity in a short time.

Faster App Development

The main advantage of choosing Flutter development is its cross-platform code support. It means the developers have to write code only once instead of coding separately for each platform Android and iOS. The single codebase saves time and development costs both, so it leads to faster and cost-effective app development.

Easy UI Customization

Flutter allows the developers to easily customize the app’s UI elements like text-boxes, buttons, banners, etc. Flutter’s layered architecture helps the app designers to easily scramble and put together different UI elements on the app. Flutter does not require platform-specific UI components to render its User Interface. So, Flutter will make it easy for the designers to modify the UI frequently.

Hot Reload Feature

Flutter’s hot reload is an amazing feature that made it a famous UI development framework. With this hot reload feature, developers can instantly change the code and see the new changes in app preview. So, the developers won’t need to spend much time building app previews. This feature enables the developers to make new changes in the UI and test them instantly to check how it works.

Native Equivalent Performance

Flutter allows you to develop mobile apps that look like any native mobile app. The looks and feel of the app developed with Flutter is indistinguishable from apps built with native code. Having a cross-platform UI, Flutter apps will look like any normal native application, and also it performs equivalent to any native app. In fact, in some scenarios, Flutter apps can perform better in apps having complex UI.

Strong Community

Although Flutter was introduced very recently, its community has grown too much, and a lot of mobile app developers are upgrading their skills and learning Flutter App Development. Therefore, there is a very large Flutter Developers’ community, and they help eachother whenever they are stuck somewhere while developing mobile apps with Flutter. So, as a Flutter Developer, if you are stuck with an error, the large Flutter community will help you solve that error.

So, these are some Flutter features that made it an instant hit worldwide and became a game-changing technology for Mobile App Development. A lot of apps are shifting to Flutter, and that’s why the demand for Flutter Development companies has increased very quickly.

If you too are looking for Flutter developers or any Flutter Development company, here we will clarify how you can hire Flutter Developers.

How to hire Flutter Developers?

To hire Flutter Developers, you simply have to look for different mobile app development companies and gather up quotes from your shortlisted companies. We will make that easy for you and provide you with a hassle-free mobile app development experience with Flutter. You just have to contact us, drop us an email at sales@inexture.com, or drop a “Hi” on bde.inexture on Skype. We reply to every inquiry and help people expand their businesses with mobile apps.

Final Words:

To conclude this blog, we will say that you will need mobile app development services today or tomorrow, and Flutter is the best option to choose for it. Go Hire Flutter Developers to build a mobile app for your business and make your business worldwide. So, what are you waiting for? Go hire Flutter Developers and change your business game!

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Writen by Vishal Shah

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