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Java Spring Boot September 8, 2020

7 Best tips to Look Before Hiring Java Developers

Written by Mahipalsinh Rana


Hiring Java Developers to develop your business portal or business management system is a common thing for a lot of businesses. As every business is moving digital, a unique online presence of every business is a must and that’s why people are developing their business websites and business management portal to easily manage their business.

If a business is dealing in let’s say, manufacturing plastic bottles, then they have to keep track of the raw material, production amount, wastage amount, incoming orders, dispatched orders, pending bills, and a lot more things. Manual pen-and-paper work is not reliable as it does not deliver work accuracy.

When pen-and-paper is not enough for the modern business, one must have software that allows the business to keep track of everything on its business whether it is to generate sales bills, see the sales reports, or see the upcoming and pending bills. All of these can be manages easily when you have dedicated software for it. To develop such software, you need to hire Java developers from the best Java Development Company.

Here are some tips to look before hiring Java Developers, and we hope these tips will help you choose the right Java Development Partner.

Tips to hire the best Java Developers

#1 List Down Your Requirements

First of all, you need to list down all of your requirements, like what functions and features you want in your next project. List if you want a sales report, checking past orders, checking due bills, checking production reports, etc. in your system.

If you are not sure about which functionalities you want in your system, a consultant will help you list them out, by studying your business flow. So, even if you are unsure about the application flow, there will be a Java consultant who will help you thoroughly for developing your business application with Java.

#2 Decide the Java Development Category

When you are done with listing down your requirements and what features you want in your upcoming business application, then you need to decide the development category of your application. Like it will be a web application, web portal, or standalone software.

You can choose to develop a web application, if you want to access your data from any time, anywhere. And if you want to use the data from some fixed system, then you can go for standalone software development. It is upto you to decide what type of development you want and is it within your budget or not.

#3 Decide the supporting Frameworks

Now, as you have already decided the application development category, say if you have chosen standalone software development, then you can go for the best Java framework Java Spring Boot, which is considered to be the best Java Development framework. It is secure and can take up a load of a lot of data.

If you have chosen to go for a web application then, you can choose Struts development, which is a Java web development framework. The main motive behind choosing a framework is that it lessens the development time, as frameworks have a lot of functions and libraries built-in, so it reduces the development cost and time, making application development less-costly for you.

#4 Look for Development Agencies or Freelancers

When you have completely listed all of your requirements and the frameworks, you can ask various web development agencies or freelancers to develop your application. If you are running out of budget to develop your application, then you can consider outsourcing to India to work with the best rates, or you can even find freelancers from India or from any corner of this earth to complete your application Development.

Outsourcing to India is the best choice when you have a very limited budget for your business application development. You will be working with the developers from India to build your application and will be communicating via phone calls, emails, and video conferences. There might be a problem with the time zone, but most freelancers are open to working with your time zone, so there wouldn’t be a big issue.

#5 Test their skills

Before shortlisting and finalizing an agency or a candidate, you must know how experienced they are, and you can ask them to qualify for a technical knowledge test. You have to assign them a small test that tests the candidate’s or the agency’s skills, and from that test, you can decide if the candidate or the agency is a good fit for your requirement or not.

By this test, you will also get an idea about their logic and creative thinking. To make sure you hired the right developers to develop your application, you must test their skills.

#6 Negotiate Rates

If you are finalizing an offshore candidate or an agency, you should negotiate rates with them, because most candidates and offshore companies are open for negotiating their rates. You can ask them to reduce rates and they might do it.

You can save a lot of costs by negotiating rates with them, and utilize that amount for the development of your business. So, never forget to negotiate rates when you work with an offshore agency or an offshore candidate. In most cases, they will negotiate the rates and you can save development costs.

#7 Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Now, this is the most useful tip, if you are not aware of it already. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement that binds the development agency not to disclose your data or your identity anywhere. So, if you have sensitive and confidential business data, you shouldn’t be worried about it when the development agency needs to work on it.

Your data is totally safe when you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Even if you don’t sign the NDA, the agencies generally don’t break their clients’ trust, and won’t misuse your data. But, you need to be assured of your data safety, and that’s why you should ask the agency to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Final Words:

So, these tips will help you choose the best Java Developers and complete your Java Application Development project for your business. We hope this blog helped you to hire Java Developers that develop your next business application with Java. If you will keep these things in mind, you will find the right Java Development agency and fast forward your business with business portals.

If you are looking for hire best Java Developers, then INEXTURE is the right place for you to get your business application developed. Contact us or drop an email on sales@inexture.com if you have a project in mind, our executives will help you thoroughly and guide you for your next business application development with Java.

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