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Liferay November 30, 2020

The Ultimate Guide for Customer Portal with Real Life Examples

Writen by Mahipalsinh Rana


A customer portal is quite famous these days, as most businesses develop customer portals to serve their customers online. Customers also prefer to contact the business via the customer portal rather than visiting the business at a particular location. So customer portals have made it easier to contact the business without commuting or wasting the customer’s time. In short, most of the medium to large scale businesses have availed of customer portal development services, and the customers are quite satisfied with using the customer portal. 

But, first of all, we need to understand what exactly is a customer portal and how it is useful for the businesses as well as the customers. W e will see the detailed explanation below:

What is a Customer Portal

A Customer Portal is a software interface through which a customer can interact with your company and its services. With a customer portal, a customer can easily find your offered products or services, view information on it, retrieve information from it, and do many more things that help the customers availing your products or services right from their homes. A customer portal is a software that helps your customers avail of your products or services right from their homes or from anywhere in the world.

When you provide such type of customer portal or avail portal development services, your customers get impressed by the services you offer through your customer portal, increasing customer retention rate and helping you achieve more business from those customers. 

Why Develop a Customer Portal

A Customer Portal is needed because you want to deliver an exceptional experience to your customers. Your customers can visit your customer portal instead of visiting your physical location, which saves their time, so if you want to impress your customers, you should avail Portal Development Services such as Liferay Development. But, what are the exact benefits of developing a customer portal? You can find its answers below.

Customer Portal Benefits for Customers:

  • View your products or services
  • Place an order
  • Track their orders
  • Raising a support ticket
  • View or manage order related documents, i.e., invoices
  • Contact executive to get help

Customer Portal Benefits for Businesses:

  • 24 x 7 Availability
  • Remote Management
  • Ease of Business Management
  • Better Customer Retention Rate
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance

So, these were some benefits offered by a customer portal to both the customers as well as the business. Developing a customer portal is a win-win situation for both the entities, so you should consider hiring a portal development company.

Many companies and enterprises have opted for Portal Development and are seeing good results from customer portals. Here are some examples of different customer portals used by famous companies and enterprises.

Examples of Customer Portal

Many famous companies like Bosch, Airbus Helicopters, Capella University, Federal bank, Domino’s, and many other companies have availed Liferay Portal Development Services and currently serving their customers through their Liferay Portal. Here are some of the most famous Portals that are built using Liferay.

Airbus Helicopters

More than 3000 helicopters operators are dependent on this Airbus Helicopters Portal. These 3000 operators have a combined staff of more than 24000 employees, and they all use this customer portal to run their aircraft and helicopters.

While developing and redesigning their portal, Airbus chose Liferay to redesign its portal, which allowed them to use rich features of Liferay and its customizable elements. This led to faster deployment of their portal, and this portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device. The current portal allows the employees to view and download up-to-date documents, manage and claim warranties for different parts of the aircraft, and other such things that help them manage their aircraft.

Bosch Smarthome

The Bosch Smarthome portal is designed and developed to assist its customers with managing returns, claiming warranties, and other self-service functionalities that help customers managing everything about their Bosch devices. This Bosch Smarthome portal also provides chatbot assistant which is available 24 x 7, and it also helps the customers with product installation by providing them with installation videos.

So, by availing of Liferay Portal Development Services, Bosch built an amazing experience for the customers that allowed them for self-service, which includes shopping, returns, claiming warranties, chat with robot assistants, and product installation. The Backend of the portal is powered by several SAP Services. In short, Bosch enabled a true digital experience for its customers by developing a customer portal.

Finacle Portal

Finacle is a product developed by Infosys to serve the banking needs of huge banking entities. But, with time, it expanded to a larger entity, and it needed a support system that was more efficient and robust. So, Infosys launched the Finacle Support Portal, which was powered by Liferay. After developing that Support portal, customers were now able to monitor the status of their tickets, see real-time progress patches and access the Finacle PhraseBook (Kind of a dictionary for banking terms and FAQs), which helps running the transactions at a faster pace.

Just after six months of the launch of the Finacle Support Portal, it was adopted by more than 160 leading banks worldwide and got popular. It continues to build more features and functions by providing the customers with ease of baking operations and making it faster.


Spire is one of the most famous and fifth-largest gas utility in the United States, and it needed to upgrade its current software as its requirements grew with more customer base. Formerly Spire had two different portals that needed to be merged into a single powerful platform, and no technology could have been better for such a task, and that technology is Liferay. The new portal integrated an existing ERP System with two payment processing systems and a couple of Mobile Workflow management system.

The portal displays user-wise gas usage, allows the customers to pay online, and provides other self-service tools to help the customers manage their gas services and other such things. The portal is available across all devices seamlessly. Spire is currently planning to implement real-time technician tracking and other advanced features.

Final Words:

You may have got an idea about Customer Portals and how it can be beneficial for the customers as well as the business. Moreover, it boosts the overall business process, as customers can easily manage their orders for their products or services, generate invoices, and manage returns, and do other such things that save time for both the customer and the business entity.

If you want to develop a similar Liferay Portal, then you need to hire Liferay Consultants and start planning your brand new customer portal, which will help you manage your workflow with a better grip and provide your customers with an excellent customer experience. So, what are you waiting for? Hire Liferay Consulting Company today! Feel free to contact us or drop an email on sales@inexture.com, and we will help you get started,

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