Marketplace Portal
marketplace portal development


Omnidesk is a web portal which unifies the user experience for the managing and usage of different applications throughout the companies.

It consists of user management and content management based on the roles of the user in the system. We have integrated the Remedy ticket system into the Liferay for the management of the user request for various modules.


  • Liferay 7.0 CE GA6
  • Elasticsearch
  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • Git
  • AWS
  • Git
  • Gulp
  • Liferay Theme

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Custom three stage workflow for new customer
  • Multi-tenant system for different customers
  • Remedy Ticket System Integration
  • Personalized content display for every user based on search history
  • Elasticsearch customization for all admin reports.

Business + Technical Points:

  • Custom three stage workflow implementation.
  • Integration with Remedy ticketing system.
  • Personalized recommendation search algorithm.
  • Chat and group chat implementation.