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Liferay Consulting Services


Designing Enterprise-level Liferay Digital Experience platform

We design personalized digital experience platforms for enterprise needs using Liferay Portal Development. Platforms that deliver an unforgettable experience to the users and seamlessly work across all of your devices.

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How Liferay Can Help You

Cost Saving

Build Integrated Intranet Portals that can manage everything for your business!.

Personalized Portals

We develop personalized portals that can accommodate your business needs.

Vibrant Websites

Liferay helps to build vibrant websites that give users a seamless browsing experience!

Mobile Applications

Build a custom Mobile Application using the Liferay Framework to mobilize your business

Opensource Development


Liferay is completely open-source, so you don’t need to buy the license! You’re free to use it the way you want!

Easy Integration

Liferay can be easily integrated with any technology or server! That’s why the developers love Liferay!

Better Business Agility

Liferay is easy to set up and get running. So, we can say, Liferay gives better business agility to its users!

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Liferay has many out-of-the-box functions that are ready to use, which makes development faster and easier.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Liferay costs the lowest in owning the license and even maintaining your application!


Liferay uses industry-standard and government-grade encryption. So you get the most robust security!

Hire us as your Liferay Development Partner

  • + Liferay Portal Configuration and Installation
  • + Migrating from any portal to Liferay Portal
  • + Custom Liferay Theme Design
  • + Custom Liferay Template Design
  • + Custom Portlet Design, Development and Implementation
  • + Authentication, Single Sign-on with LDAP/AD
  • + Liferay Portal Implementation
  • + Liferay Portal Customization and Deployment
  • + Liferay Integration with Custom Application
Expect these when you work with us

We always try to deliver more than the client’s expectations and give them an amazing experience of working with us. Apart from professional relations with our clients, we value our relations as well. Cause we believe in building relations, not just a bunch of clients.

So, expect the following qualities when you work with us!

  • + Assured Transparency
  • + On-the-go support
  • + Competitive Pricing
  • + 100% work satisfaction
  • + Innovative Suggestions
  • + Excellent Results

FAQ For Liferay Consulting

We offer three engagement models: We are working on Liferay for more than 5 years. Our Liferay team is led by managers with 15+ years of experience & more than 100 years of combined experience.

We have an experienced Liferay Developers team with a great grip on Liferay Development. We have expertise in Liferay Frontend, Liferay Control Panel, Liferay Service Layer, Liferay Microservices, Liferay In-House / Cloud Deployment, and Liferay Performance Tuning. So, we can say yes, we do possess the required expertise needed for the Liferay project.

Our respective clients own all the code that we write. Our clients will have full code authority.

Yes, we can. Our experienced developers can visit you and get your work done on-site.

Just contact us and fill out the form Or drop us an email at sales@inexture.com, and we will answer your questions.

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