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Software Development August 10, 2020

Android App Development : Cost, Measures, and Process to develop your Application

Writen by Vishal Shah


Android devices are ruling all over the world. Wherever you go you see Android phones, Android Tablets, Android Wearables, Android TVs, even Android-based POSs. So, you simply cannot deny the fact that Android has become a part of our everyday life. For every task you want to do, there is an Android App for that, because Android Development is becoming easy and convenient for the developers, plus it is relatively cheaper to upload an Android App than to upload an iPhone app on the App Store.

So, you can find an Android app literally for anything because a lot of people are learning Android Development and its high resource availability. So, if you are a business owner or an Enterprise owner, and do not have an Android App for your business, then it is time to develop an Android App for your business and make your business available to the whole world.

But have you ever wondered how an android application is developed, or what are the general steps to develop an Android App? Here’s the flow of Android Application Development.

Android App Development Process

Now, let’s see how an Android App Development Process works. Here you will see the journey from the idea to a real app.


The very first step to any app development is its wireframe design. A wireframe design includes a sketch of your app and shows you where the different elements will be and how the app screen will look like. A wireframe displays just outlines of different elements on the app screen and roughly gives you an idea of your app’s looks. Wireframe helps the designers to design User Interface for the app the company is developing.


After the client confirms the wireframe design, the next step is to design the front-end and user interface of the application. This step includes the real-time design of the app which can be designed with front-end development technologies like AngularJS, Ionic, ReactJS, and other such front-end development technologies.

In some cases, app redirection flow can also be developed which indicates how the app screen will flow. E.g. redirecting from the home screen to order screen, getting back from the order page to the home page, and other such direction flow.


After the designing phase is completed, the next phase is the development phase. This phase implements the business logic for your application. Coding and debugging happen in this phase. This is the phase where your app becomes actually an app with the code at the core of your app.

After completing the coding we need to test the application if it works properly or not. So, for that purpose, the application moves to its next phase for assuring the quality of the app.

Quality Assurance

To make sure the app contains no bugs or any malfunctions, we need to assure the quality of the app, so the client gets a properly working application. The test engineers perform different kinds of test on the app including, unit testing, integration testing, load testing and many more types of testing that assures the quality of the app and make it ready for the launch.


Now, this is the final stage of the app development life-cycle. After completing all the designing, coding, and testing stuff, the app is finally ready to be laucnhed in the market. Making an apk file from the code and launching it on the Google Play Store will make your android app live everywhere, and anyone can download it from the Play Store.

So, this is how your app comes into reality from an idea inside your head. Now, let’s see how Android App Development Cost is calculated. Furthermore, you will see different pricing models for Android App Development in this blog.

Android App Development Cost

So, you may have been wondering about Android App Development cost, so here you will see how can you estimate the cost for your next Android App Development. So, while choosing the right Android App Development Company, you may get a lot of offers from different Android App Development Company, but you have to pick the right one that works with good rates and offers you a great ROI.

So, most companies offer the price model like these:

Hourly Model

This type of costing model is quite popular everywhere, where you have to pay hourly prices for your project development. All the client has to pay for the app development is

umber of hours worked on the project X hourly rate

So, if the company has worked on your app for 250 hours and hourly rates are 20 USD per hours, then your app development cost will be

250 X 20 = 5000 USD.

Hourly rate includes app wireframing, designing, development, and testing costs. The company will give you an estimation of how much time will it require to develop your app based on the requirements of your project.

This type of pricing model is preferred by the clients who need frequent changes in their android app. Such a pricing model is convenient for both the client and the company if you need frequent changes in your project.

Fixed Price Model

This type of pricing model is selected by the clients who don’t need frequent changes and updates in their application. Those who need just one stable application and very little maintenance for their app, choose this fixed price model for their android App Development project.

In this model, the client and the company both agree on a particular amount and decides the Scope of the Project. For example, they both settle down on the amount of $4500, which includes wireframing of the app, designing the app, app development, and testing.

The company has to complete all of the client’s work before the deadline and in the discussed project cost. Such a model is used by the clients where the client just wants the application to be made and doesn’t require much of the app maintenance.

Dedicated App Developer Model

Dedicated Developer Model is chosen by the clients whose work is for the long term. The company assigns developers to the client of their choice, and the client can get his/her work done from that developer. Clients who have the technical knowledge and can handle the developers assigned to him choose this dedicated developer model to work on their Android Application.

Cost counting for this model is simple.

Number of hours your developer works for you X hourly rate = Project Cost

Suppose if you make your developer work 150 hours for your project at 25 USD per hour, then the total cost of your project would be 150 hours X 25 USD, which makes a total of 3750 USD.

So, this is how you decide the cost of your Android App Development. You have to calculate the number of hours for wireframe design, actual design, development, and testing of your Android App. Then just ask the company for their hourly rate and boom! You will know how much your app will cost.

However, different companies will charge differently based on the quality of their developers and their industry standards. So, you can get your work done from as low as 15 USD per hour to whopping 150 to 200 USD per month based on the company. So, you have to pick the right company to develop your Android Application.

Measures to follow

While choosing the right Android Development Company you should see these measures and pick the right company:

Company location

The first and foremost thing you should see is the company’s location. If you are not willing to spend much amount on your Android App Development, then you should not pick America Continent for your development because USA based developers charge a lot. You can pick the Asian region, especially India. Indian companies will work with reliable rates and will give you total satisfaction with the amount you spend on the development. So, you can pick any company based in India.

Company Existence

Check the existence of the company, like since when the company is working in the development field. Do not hesitate to work with the company who is working for the last five years, because it makes a perfect choice for the rising business owners. If the company is freshly incorporated then check and cross-verify every information about them. So, you must check when the company was incorporated, just to be safe!

Developers Experience

Check with the experience of the developers the company is assigning for your project. Some companies even allow you to pick developers by yourself and take a sample test to check their skillset. Ask the company if you can pick the developers of my choice or not, and also ask if you can test them. This will help you choose the right developers for your need.


Before signing the contract, you should ask the company to show their past work. From their past work portfolio, you can get an idea about their work and efforts. So, always look for their portfolio or things they have worked on in the past. 

So, these were some measures to see before hiring Android App Development company or Android Developers offshore. It will help you choose the right company or the right developers.

We hope you were able to get some idea on android development and especially to calculate android app development costs from this blog. If you are looking for an Android App Development company, then we can develop your next Android App and provide you with an excellent project development experience. Contact us now to get your project developed at reliable rates and to get a great customer service experience. 

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