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Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center

We are here to elevate your software with our skilled offshore development team and our commitment to quality, accelerating your project’s success and making us the driving force behind its transformation.

Let's Bring Innovation Together!

    We sign NDA for all our projects.

    Free yourself from managing an offshore team. We handle recruitment, onboarding, and project management, allowing you to concentrate on your core business strategies.

    Is an Offshore Development Center Right for You?

    Deciding if an Offshore Development Center (ODC) is good for your company involves looking at different things. Here are some simple ideas to help you see if an ODC fits your needs:

    Complete Transparency

    ODCs often have clear and open ways of working. This means you can see how your project is going, who is working on what, and how much it costs. If you like being able to see and understand everything happening with your project, an ODC might work well for you.

    Reduced Time to Market

    With an ODC, work on your project can happen day and night because of the different time zones of your team. This can help finish your project faster and get your product out quicker than usual.

    Cost Efficiency

    A low-cost area may be a good place for you to locate your ODC, as this can help to reduce expenditure in terms of staff costs. Moreover having from the beginning the clarity of what amount of money you’ll spend for hiring, renting office space, and operating can aid in constructing the budget appropriately.

    Access to Global Talent

    ODCs are your gateway to finding super smart, and shrewd problem solvers all around the globe that bring you new ways of working and implementing your ideas. You can conveniently upscale your team virtually at any time to meet your specific requirements without going into the bother of hiring or letting go of people.

    Focus on Core Business

    Through the engagement of an ODC and having your staff centering on what is more critical to your business such as coming up with fresh ideas and overall strategies of development, your firm helps you ensure improved performance of the business. Given that a CTO is working 24/7, it shortens the time-to-market, which in turn streamlines faster introduction of your product to the market.

    Long-term Strategic Partnership

    The establishment of an ODC ensures you create a long-term relationship based on common interests with your electricity provider. It not only enhances knowledge, establishes connections, and ensures business objectives alignment but also boosts the health and well-being of foreigners.

    Choose Inexture for your Offshore Development Center

    Access to Specialized Expertise

    Inexture's area of expertise has emerged as a source of success that extends its hold across technology stacks and industry sectors. Such specialized knowledge allows for projects that are very interdisciplinary, as well as customized, to become possible. By teaming up with Inexture, it possible is to capitalize on the longtime success of this company in completing projects early and on time. This way, you can be certain that your project is not only done swiftly but also adheres to the latest technologies and techniques.

    Proven Track Record of Success

    Client satisfaction is one of the main accomplishments of Inexture, and brand-new projects carried out with full success levels prove that we can do more than just meet the client's expectations. Such successful endeavors warrant for the employers to be confident that the task has been entrusted to capable hands. Remembering examples or testimonies from Inexture reveals to you how successful their past projects were, how they decisively identified and disclosed technical capacity, and the level of customer satisfaction.

    Cost Efficiency Without Compromising Quality

    Inexture will promote beneficial business case models that envisage drastically curbed charges compared to those of building from scratch or sourcing native solutions. This productivity, not only, is at the expense of quality; Inexture is recognized as a company with excellent standards of quality service provision. This balance represents a perfect price-to-quality ratio that comes to the conclusion: "You get the best you can for the amount of money you are ready to spend".

    Commitment to Quality and Innovation

    Inexture’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions is evident in its rigorous quality assurance processes and innovative approach to software development. By choosing Inexture, you benefit from a partner who not only prioritizes the quality of the deliverables but also brings fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the table, enhancing the value of your projects.

    Continuous Support and Maintenance

    The end of the development phase does not mark the end of the partnership. Inexture offers ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your software remains up-to-date, secure, and operational. This long-term support is crucial for the sustainability and success of any software solution.

    Cultural Compatibility

    The compatibility of work cultures is crucial for the smooth functioning of an offshore partnership. Inexture's culture of openness, innovation, and client focus aligns well with Western business practices, making collaboration easier and more productive.

    Things Companies Should Consider Before Setting up an Offshore Development Center

    Objectives and Strategy

    • Define what you aim to achieve with an ODC. Is it cost reduction, accessing a global talent pool, or enhancing your product development cycle?
    • Ensure the ODC strategy aligns with your overall business objectives, considering how it fits into your long-term plans.

    Location Selection

    • Choose a location with a rich pool of the technical talent you need.
    • Evaluate the cost of living and operating in potential locations, including wages, infrastructure, and taxes.
    • Understand the legal frameworks regarding employment, intellectual property rights, and any political stability issues.

    Cultural Compatibility

    • Assess the work culture in the potential offshore location to ensure compatibility with your company’s values and practices.
    • Consider language barriers and communication styles that could affect collaboration and productivity.

    Technical Expertise and Infrastructure

    • Understand how your IP rights will be protected in the offshore location.
    • Ensure compliance with data protection laws, such as GDPR, and assess the cybersecurity measures in place.

    Legal and Compliance Issues

    • We strive to build a collaborative atmosphere among all the stakeholders involved in the project including the client’s representatives to ensure that every person sees the same picture.
    • Informing the clients with periodic updates and adding project progress details allows them to assess the level of transparency and trust, needed for a successful relationship with the vendor.

    Communication and Collaboration Tools

    • Plan for robust communication tools and platforms to facilitate seamless collaboration between your onshore and offshore teams.
    • Consider how time zone differences will affect communication and project management, and plan for overlap hours.

    Partner Selection

    • Choose a partner with a solid reputation and a proven track record in managing ODCs.
    • Ensure the partner shares similar values and work ethics to foster a productive working relationship.

    Financial Planning and Budgeting

    • Conduct a detailed cost analysis to understand all the financial implications, including setup costs, operational expenses, and potential tax benefits.
    • Estimate the return on investment to justify the financial viability of setting up an ODC.

    Transition Planning

    • Develop a plan for knowledge transfer to the offshore team, ensuring they have all the information and training needed to start.
    • Plan how the offshore team will integrate with your existing processes and systems.

    Risk Management

    • Identify potential risks associated with setting up an ODC, including operational, financial, and geopolitical risks.
    • Develop strategies to mitigate these risks, including contingency planning and regular risk assessments.

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