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Raise is a unique app that helps people raise money online and is the biggest of its kind in helping those who don’t have a home. It uses the power of people coming together and new technology to help everyone get involved in helping solve a big problem—homelessness. The app is really easy to use, which makes it simpler for groups and people by themselves to collect money for this cause.  Raise does more than just collect money; it likewise helps spread graciousness and understanding about individuals who are homeless. It’s not just about the cash; it’s tied in with rolling out a genuine improvement in individuals’ lives. Raise resembles a light of trust, helping to bring positive changes to those who really need it.     

Client Requirements

Our client wanted us to create a remarkable app aimed at helping homeless people by raising money online. They wanted this app to be really easy for everyone to use so that lots of people could donate money and also start their own campaigns to raise more money. It was important to our client that the app helps people understand more about homelessness and makes them care more about helping. They wanted the app to bring people together to do something good for those in need, using new technology to make a real change. The main goal was to use the power of technology and kindness to make a big difference in the lives of homeless people by getting everyone involved.


Easy Donation Process

A simple approach for making donations with a few clicks, allowing users to send money to campaigns without leaving the app.

Campaign Creation Tools

People, as well as organizations, can use simple tools to start up and customize fundraising campaigns, such as setting objectives, monitoring progress, and sharing updates.

Educational Resources

Accessibility to knowledge and tools on homelessness, such as stories, data, and figures, to assist people in better grasping the problem and the impact their contributions have.

Social Sharing Integration

Simple sharing options that interact with social media sites, allow users to pass on the word about their causes or donations, thereby increasing the reach and effect of each campaign.

Volunteer Opportunities

A feature where visitors may identify and sign up for volunteer opportunities linked to homelessness in their area, promoting community involvement and direct action.


Developing compelling features that not only entice users but also inspire them to keep using the app and contributing to campaigns was a huge challenge. Keeping consumers interested and engaged over time necessitates new approaches.

Creating a system to correctly evaluate and report the direct impact of donations and campaigns on homelessness proved difficult. This required developing metrics and analytics that could convincingly demonstrate the real-world impact of user contribution.

To ensure that the app remained a safe and positive environment for all users, a comprehensive content control mechanism was required. This system has to prevent abuse, fraud, and the spread of misinformation while also encouraging pleasant connections.

Developing and integrating instructional information that effectively increases awareness about homelessness while without overwhelming or alienating consumers is a tricky balance. It was difficult to communicate complex topics in an understandable fashion that compelled consumers to act.

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