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Software Development June 9, 2020

Choose Wisely to Hire: Full Stack Developer or Specialized Developer

Written by Vishal Shah


With the rapid and constant change in the IT Industry, everything is improving day-by-day and staying updated with the latest technologies is one of the most necessary requirements in order to survive in the IT Industry. A lot of people are developing websites, mobile applications, or portals for their business needs by hiring full-stack developers or with a full stack development company.

Now coming to mobile app development and web development, all businesses have different requirements, and hence they all choose different technologies, different developers from different companies. So, if you are a business owner looking to hire developers to build your app or website, then wander no more. This blog will guide you on every detail you are looking for to develop your mobile application or website development.

So, some people hire Full-stack Developers while some people hire Specialized developers to develop their digital solution. The most common reason to choose a full stack developer is that the full stack developer possesses all the skills to develop a website, whether it is database design, web pages design, or development. So, a lot of people are hiring a full stack developer to develop their websites and get it modified the way they want.

But, hiring a specialized developer has its own advantages too. If you want something to be developed in a particular programming language, then no one can do it better than a specialized developer in a particular technology. So, hiring both has its own advantages and drawbacks.

But, before diving deep into the topic further, let’s see what exactly is a Full Stack Developer.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A person who is skilled at every task and skills required to develop, launch, and maintain a website is a full stack developer. A full-stack developer possesses the following skills:

-Database Development (MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Realm, etc.)
-Front-end Development (AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, etc.)
-Backend Development (PHP, Java, .net, etc.)
-Quality Assurance
-Project Deployment

Why Hire a Full Stack Developer?

All-in-one package

A full-stack developer is an all-in-one package that can work on any task of your project development. You don’t have to hire separate designers, developers, testers for a single project. All of this work is carried out by the full-stack developer.

Easy Collaboration

As there will be only one / limited persons working on your project, collaboration would be much easier, which results in lesser time consumption. And when a single person works on your project, there’s no need to collaborate and it results in faster development of the project.

Easy Hiring

When you hire a single developer or limited developers, the hiring process is much easier as compared to hiring different designers, developers, testers. So, when you hire a single person who can do all this work, the hiring process becomes much easier.


Hiring a full-stack developer is cost-effective, as he/she will carry out all the tasks related to the project development. So, there will be no more collaboration time spending, or discussing the project, so the development will be faster and will be resultant in cost-effective project development.

So, a full-stack developer is an all-in-one package to develop and launch your website. So, for your project development, you can hire just one person and he/she could do all work from strategic planning to development, testing, and deployment of the project.

When to hire a full-stack developer?

Depending on the scope of your project, you can choose either a full-stack developer or specialized developers. Here’s the explanation to when to hire full-stack developers:

Small Projects

When you have a small project to develop, let’s say a simple website or a small portal to be developed, you can hire a full stack developer. A small website or project can be easily developed by a full-stack developer, as every task of that project will be carried out by the same developer, so no meetings and presentations on the development of your project, which is time and cost-saving.

Less Complex Projects

When you have a project that has lesser complexities, then you can choose to hire full-stack developers. When you let the full stack developers work on a complex project, things become more complex, and hence, it is always not recommended to hire a full stack developer for complex projects.

So, enough talked about Full-stack developers, now let’s see about specialized Developers when to hire them, why hire them, and their advantages in detail. Let’s see what a specialized developer is.

Who is a Specialized Developer?

As the name suggests, specialized developers possess a strong skill-set of a particular technology. They are not necessarily a one-man-army who can work on any type of technology. Rather, they are focused entirely on one technology and they have decent proficiency in that particular technology.

So, anyone having a great command over one or two particular programming language or technology. Specialized Developers plays a partial role in a development project, and his/her contribution is on a particular technology/module of the project.

After knowing what exactly a specialized developer is, let’s talk about when to hire a specialized developer and advantages of it.

Why Hire a Specialized Developer?

Technology Expert

A specialized developer has expertise in a particular technology, tool, or a domain like database design, UI/UX design, PHP Development, Java Development, or testing. So, these specialized developers have gained a great grip on their domains and have mastered their domain, so they are technology experts in a particular technology or programming language.

Detailed Work Delivery

A specialized developer will work with keeping every detail of your project in his/her mind. The work he/she delivers will always be detailed and perfect. So, you will get the perfect work delivered for your project when you hire a specialized developer.

Up-to-date Knowledge

A specialized developer will keep himself/herself updated with the latest trends in their particular technology, so, whenever you will hire him/her, they will always work using the latest technology available in the market. So you will always get the best work when you hire a specialized developer.

Focus on Quality

When you hire a specialized developer, you choose to focus on quality rather than the quick delivery of the project. A specialized developer will always deliver greater quality work than expected as his only focus is on that particular task/module of the project. As his/her focus stays only on one thing, the quality will automatically increase in the work. So, a specialized developer’s work focus will be always on the quality of the project.

So, these were some reasons why you should consider hiring a specialized developer for your project development. Now, let’s see when you should hire a specialized developer for your project development.

When to hire a Specialized Developer?

We will see when you should hire a specialized developer and the situations when you should consider hiring a specialized developer workforce for your project.

Complex Project

When you have a complex project to develop, you better hire a workforce of specialized developers who will work on your project by keeping every detail in their minds. So, whenever you got a complex project with a lot of modules and a lot of details to take care of, you can hire specialized developers, who will divide the work into sub-projects and get the project done with their expertise.

Large Projects

When you got extra-large projects that require the project to be divided into smaller sub-projects, you need to hire a team of specialized developers that can handle all these sub-projects together as a team. One developer takes care of designing, while another developer looks at development stuff and another takes care of testing, so as a team they can focus only on their particular work and make the project a huge success!

Quality Project

When you need a Quality Project, then you should definitely consider hiring a team of specialized developers who will deliver quality projects. The reason behind specialized developers are focused on quality is that they just focus on the task or technology they are assigned with. They don’t have to look for project completion and execution, so their entire focus is only on the particular sub-project of the project. So, whenever you want a quality-project, then go for specialized developers.

Though specialized developers deliver pixel-perfect work, they are expensive. The overall cost of the project will be higher when you hire different developers for designing, development, and testing of your project. So, this is one drawback when you hire specialized developers.

Final words

So after studying the functions of full-stack developers and specialized developers, we can say that you can hire specialized developers when your focus is on quality work and the budget doesn’t bother you much. And you can hire a full-stack developer when your project is small and you are out of budget. 

So, hiring a full stack developer has its own advantages and drawbacks, while hiring specialized developers is also the same. So, depending on the scope of your project and your project budget, you can decide whether to hire a full-stack developer or to hire a specialized developer.

If you are looking to build a cost-effective project, then Inexture is the best Full-stack Development company in India that can work on your project and deliver the best and detail-oriented project at pocket-friendly prices. 

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