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ReactJS Development May 3, 2022

Benefits of choosing React JS for your projects

Writen by Vishal Shah


Facebook, BBC, Netflix, Salesforce, Paypal, Flipboard, Apple, Tesla and Dropbox—what similarities do you find in these super-popular websites? Uber-user-friendliness, hyper-speed, super-engaging interface..yes, we agree to all that. 

Companies Using React

But, have you thought about the factor that is responsible for the websites’ versatility? 

Well, these mega-brands have incorporated React JS in their production environments.

ReactJS: Overview

React came out in 2013 with the sole purpose of building web application components—that could be anything from a button to a text or label.

ReactJS is an open-source, declarative, efficient, component-based front-end JavaScript library maintained by the social networking giant Facebook. It is used to build user interfaces tailored only for the view layer of web and mobile applications.

It had a rough start in its early phase when developers found it uncomfortable to use marking and JavaScript in a standard file. It changed gradually when they discovered the versatility of its component-centric approach. Thus began the popularity of React JS in the world of web development.

Currently, it is normal for businesses these days to seek a ReactJS development company over other structural frameworks. But how did it happen? Why did the world and developers switch to ReactJS? Definitely, some perks led React to a prominent spot.

Here are the key features that make ReactJS a choice for companies

Benefits of choosing React JS for your projects infographic

  • Faster development 

React developers can leverage individual parts of an application, both on the client-side and server-side, enabling a speedy development process. In other words, ReactJS allows several developers to code different parts of a web application without causing any web application logic. 

  • Flexibility that enables time and cost-saving 

Compared with other front-end frameworks, React is a lot more convenient to maintain as it has a modular structure. It is a flexible framework that cuts down considerable project time and business costs.

  • Creating apps that are efficient and fast

React JS features a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering responsible for a web application’s fast performance; simultaneously, it enables complex apps to work faster and efficiently.

  • Easy to learn and use and yet efficient 

ReactJS is easy to operate with a basic JavaScript understanding. As a matter of fact, an expert-level JavaScript user can understand this framework in a brief period.

  • Reusable components save time and effort

An essential feature of the ReactJS framework is that it has reusable components. It aids developers in using the same codes while building similar features, thus saving their time. Additionally, changes made in one part don’t reflect any effect on other parts of the application.

Let’s discuss the reasons why deploying ReactJS can help your project

Benefits of choosing React JS for your projects infographic

We understand that you want to acquire as much as possible knowledge about the framework before looking out for the best ReactJS development services. Keeping it in mind, we have brought a list of reasons that we believe can be your guidelines before entering the market.

Keeping that in mind, we have brought a list of reasons that we believe can be your handbook before entering the market. We also have answers to the dilemma of choosing between React and Angular here. Have a look at it and for now, let’s dive into how React will help your project. 

  • Simple and yet effective 

Unlike other front-end frameworks, it is easy to use but effective, making it popular in the developer community. This is why market giants prefer deploying ReactJS in their web and mobile applications to kickstart their development process faster.

  • Pretty straightforward and highly practical 

As mentioned earlier, ReactJS is straightforward but effective in terms of building rich-user interfaces. We all know how important a user-friendly interface is for web applications; the easy-to-navigate interface is directly proportional to its popularity among users. This framework enables developers to create a high-quality and skimmable interface using its declarative components.

  • Empowers developers with custom components.

ReactJS has a supplementary syntax extension called JSK, which allows developers to write their components. The components understand HTML quoting, allowing developers to deploy subcomponent rendering quickly. The best part about it is that it builds high-volume applications efficiently.

  • Includes an-all comprehensive developer toolset

The ReactJS framework includes React and Chrome dev tools to help developers discover, observe, and inspect different components in the web application. The knowledge empowers them to learn and implement new technologies correctly.

  • Enables the development of highly stable codes 

This framework follows a downward data flow that offers better code stability to the application. This means when the child’s structure is altered, the parent’s structure doesn’t get affected.

  • Favours SEO for better reach of web app

The DOM model doesn’t only help applications with fast renderings that align with high app performance and high user experience but also significantly shorten page load time. This allows the app to get a higher rank on the result page.

  • Strong and reliable community support that pushes everyone to be better than yesterday

With more and more developers coming forward to use ReactJS, the community is getting bigger and bigger, and so is the knowledge contribution. Experts keep sharing how-to articles, blogs, and videos over different online platforms, offering beginners reliable support in case of a roadblock.

In conclusion, 

React is an excellent framework for developers to build interactive web applications. With a few tips and tricks, you can level up your web development game fairly well. 

Its popularity is credited to the above-mentioned reasons; developers well-acquainted with JavaScript can efficiently deploy this framework, bringing better work to the web development world. This is one of the reasons why when you hire a React developer, you are benefited. 

With Inexture’s ReactJs development service you get a skilled team who have years of experience working with React and get the above benefits in your web app without spending a hefty amount of money. If you have a project at hand and want it to launch in time, we have the best people to work on it for you. 

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