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ElasticSearch Engine September 24, 2021

Redefine E-Commerce Using Power of ElasticSearch Engine

Written by Mahipalsinh Rana


September 17, 2021, Los Angeles CA

Redefine E-Commerce

Inexture Solutions, a custom software development company, organized a webinar on the Power of ElasticSearch in redefining E-Commerce on Friday 17th, September at 6.50 PM. This informative webinar was conducted by the CTO, Mr. Mahipalsinh Rana, and Mr. Parth Pancholi. The focal point of the Inexture webinar was to analyze various aspects of E-Commerce pertaining to search capabilities and demonstrate how ElasticSearch provides enhanced and advanced searching options to customers and revenue conversion.

The search capability of an eCommerce store is a crucial factor in determining its revenue. E-Commerce stores are focusing on improving their technologies to develop a highly responsive search capability that can improve customer experiences and increase sales and revenue.

The speaker, Mr. Pancholi, provided a brief overview of the E-Commerce search impact on revenue, latest trends, use cases of ElasticSearch engine, future of search, and how it would impact direct conversions.

“58% of online shoppers believe it is easier to find more interesting products on personalized retail stores, increasing the revenue by 6 to 10%.”

At the ElasticSearch Engine webinar, Mr. Rana expound on the fact that when voice search capability and Geo-localized searches are improved, it can result in increased revenue of 30% and user-repetitive rate by 33%, respectively.

Talking about ElasticSearch development, Mr. Rana presented it as a full-text search engine based on Apache Lucene. ElasticSearch help eCommerce stores by providing auto-completion and near real-time search by matching phrases that will make the search process faster. It offers vertical and horizontal scalability to stores by distributing the processing load across various nodes and balancing the load between these nodes.

Using ElasticSearch consulting services, e-Commerce stores can benefit from an advanced search engine that quickly detects spelling mistakes and provides auto-correction suggestions. Mr. Pancholi described ElasticSearch as a highly supercharged product-recommended search engine. The behind-the-scenes capability of ElasticSearch provides advanced geo-location search, data metrics, and analytics helping e-Commerce stores grow their revenue organically.

If you want to leverage the power of advanced search for your e-Commerce store, hire ElasticSearch Consultant today.

About Inexture

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Inexture is a highly successful digital transformation technology company, developing custom software solutions by supporting an innovative approach. With more than 300 successful projects and 150 clients worldwide, this company is known for delivering high-end technology products tailor-made to cater to customers’ needs. Inexture boasts of providing innovative, feature-rich, and advanced software solutions to E-Commerce stores looking to improve their revenue and customer experience. For more information, visit us at https://www.inexture.com

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