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Python Development July 12, 2021

4 Features of Django Framework Every Developer is Fascinated By

Writen by Dharmesh Patel



Django framework is one of the most popular based on Python programming language. It’s an open-source language primarily used by developers to get the process of development done in a faster manner. Also, it is pretty much used for an exemplary and clean design.

Have you ever wondered why Django Framework is gaining this much popularity? Well, the features of this very framework speak for the same. If you own a Django development company, you must learn more about these below-mentioned Django features

1. Security at its Peak When it Comes to Django Framework



If talking about the frameworks offering optimum security, the Django framework should be mentioned under the label of highly secured frameworks. One of the core reasons why Django Development Services are proven to be highly secured is it covers out all the loopholes that might have been mistakenly built by any of the backend developers in the midst of developing an application.

Well, this is the big reason why any of the Python/Django Development Company will recommend you to go for the Django framework when we are talking about some tough security features.

Moreover, Django has got a powerful user authentication process that can help you to manage the user accounts and passwords with fully-fledged security.

We ain’t done yet, Django framework helps you with default protection against XSS attacks, CSRF attacks, SQL injections, cryptography, and other malware stuff.

2. Django Development Services are Optimally Scalable for High Loading Projects


Being in the technical domain allows you to work with a variety of technologies, some are very heavy loading that it becomes really challenging to maintain its speed.

Well, it is not a no-win dilemma. Django is here to help you with that. Django framework process the entire data in a shorter period, hence, it decreases the loading time.

Let us take an example of Instagram, Instagram has got a huge user base, handling a prodigious amount of data becomes pretty difficult in such cases. Django helps with a unique system and a quintessential error-free platform wherein the process of managing data is no less than a breeze for applications like Instagram.

3. Django Framework is SEO Optimized


This USP of the Django framework is helping it edge over the other potential web frameworks. Search engine optimization abbreviated as SEO is the process of enabling or rather optimizing your website to rank better and appear in the top results of search engines; Google.

Generally, search engines deploy certain algorithms that do not go well with web development, and developers hustle a lot due to that. Since have got to create our website in a way that corresponds with the human understanding and we have to add it in the URL form on the server so that it’s best recognized by the search engine.

Django web development services go with the concept of maintaining a website with a URL instead of the IP addresses on the server. That way search engines can easily crawl, index, and rank the website accordingly.

4. Django is a Highly Functional Web Framework


Django framework is quite versatile in functioning on its own. It works on the logical project pattern and MVT architecture. Thus, it sometimes being taken as a restricted platform.

But if you address it in a different manner, it is pretty advantageous for the developers as it provides robust coding, allowing it to be availed in any application you are pleased to build.

Moreover, it also enables the integration of all technologies to work absolutely perfectly. Developers that used PHP web frameworks in the previous time are now firm users of Django Development Services.

What is your call?

So, here is what you have gotten to know about the Django framework. If you own a Django development company, you have a very high chance of refurbishing your business in a better way by availing of the excellent features of Django development services.

However, if you want to hire Django developers, Inexture solutions LLP is the place to get extensive guidance and assistance from.

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