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Hire the best front-end developers who design beautiful yet robust and intuitive front-end for your application that catches the user’s attention and provides ease of browsing. Hire experienced frontend developers and design the best browsing experience for your visitors and start converting them now!

At Inexture we are constantly pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box to create the next generation of products and services.

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Fixed Price Model

The Fixed Price Model project is based on a clear agreement between the client and the team on the scope of work, the associated cost, and the timeline before any development work begins. This is typically best suited for longer-term engagements, where the project requirements are well-defined and unlikely to change significantly during the development process.This is well-suited for projects that have a specific timeline and budget, as both are defined upfront and cannot be altered during the project's lifecycle without additional negotiation.

Hire Dedicated Model

Under this model, clients pay for the actual hours the developer spends working on their project. This approach is highly flexible, as clients don't have to provide extensive project specifications upfront, and they can easily make changes or request new features as the project progresses. Clients have full transparency into what they're paying for, which fosters trust and open communication between the developer and the client.

On - Demand Model

The On - Demand Development Model is outstanding for clients who require additional onsite development employees. This is a cost-effective option that allows the client and developers to interact face to face. By being physically present, developers can immediately comprehend the client's needs, which aids in meeting the project deadline. This is especially useful for clients who prefer a more collaborative project development approach.

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