Is PHP Development dead? Here’s What our experts say

The Hypertext Preprocessor language, better known as the PHP language, has been there for more than twenty years. PHP has contributed a major role in the website development domain, and a lot of famous websites are built on PHP, including everyone’s favorite social network, Facebook. So, PHP has made a significant place in the web development market, and there might be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about the famous programming language PHP. Anyone can hire PHP developers and build their website and publish it worldwide. 

Website development has become the most basic necessity for any business, as the customers often look for the website and visit it to study your business. 

Is PHP Development Outdated?

The answer is a big NO. Currently, around 79% of websites are built with PHP, according to W3Tech. So, we cannot simply say that PHP is outdated. Moreover, there are many jobs posted for PHP Developers worldwide, so we can not really say that PHP is obsolete or dead. At least not as of now. We don’t see its chances to be outdated in the future as well. We see PHP as an ever-growing language. 

Core PHP is getting older day by days, but still, there are tons of websites that works on core PHP. More and more PHP frameworks are coming into the market, and those frameworks won’t let PHP be outdated or dead. That’s the power of PHP. 

There are several reasons that are making PHP an evergreen programming language, and won’t let it die.

Reasons Why PHP is not outdated

We will see every reason in detail why PHP is not outdated yet, and why it won’t be.

More than 78% websites are based on PHP

This reason is enough to make you aware that PHP is not going to be outdated, because according to W3Tech’s Report, more than 78% of websites are built with PHP worldwide, and any technology cannot simply take over this huge amount and get replaced with PHP. So, neither PHP is outdated currently, nor it will be in the future. When you hear ‘PHP is Dying,’ or ‘PHP is dead,’ it’s just a hoax. Don’t trust such hoaxes, and continue building more websites with PHP.

PHP Development

The above image shows the percentages of websites worldwide that use server-side programming languages, among them, PHP holds around 79%, which makes it an all-rounder web programming language.

PHP is Fast

PHP is one of the fastest languages, as in performance and speed both. Websites built on PHP are fast in speed and performance, so PHP is definitely not outdated. With every new version of PHP, it becomes faster and performs much higher than most programming languages, well excluding Python. As compared with 5.6, PHP’s version 7.3 was able to handle around 2-3 times more requests. So, PHP is becoming more and more powerful with every new release. This is one strong reason people are availing PHP Web Development and developing their website with PHP. 

Various Frameworks

PHP has a lot of frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. These frameworks make it easier for developers, as well as business owners to code and manage their websites. Frameworks have inbuilt functions, libraries, and modules, which can be implemented within seconds, which reduces development time and cost. So, different PHP frameworks make your web development task cost-friendly, and you can get your website or module developed pretty fast. So, having a lot of frameworks is also another reason why PHP is not dead yet.

Low Development Costs

Organizations are hiring PHP developers to build their websites or to run and maintain the existing ones. Another reason why most businesses choose to got for PHP development is, its development costs are quite lower than any other programming language. So, if you are running out of budget and want to develop a website, then there is no better option than PHP development. As PHP development is quite easy than other complex languages, there are more PHP developers in the market, and hence its development costs lesser than other programming languages.

Large Community

As an easy programming language, many PHP developers, both freshers and experienced are developing PHP websites and web applications. So, you may find a plethora of PHP developers, and hence the PHP community is quite large. So, whenever a PHP developer is stuck somewhere while programming, the amazing large community will be there to help that developer with that particular issue. So, every developer asks for help or helps someone, and that’s how the whole PHP community supports each other and makes it today what it is.

So, these are some reasons why PHP is not dead yet, and people are still availing PHP Development services for their web application and other projects. PHP will be an evergreen language to develop websites, blogs, web applications, and other such digital products. 

The below graph shows the popularity of PHP against any other programming languages, and the index of high ranking sites using PHP language against any other languages.

PHP Market Position

Summing Up:

Now, coming to our main question, ‘Is PHP Development dead?’ then the answer is again, a big NO. It is not dead, and it will continue being a gloried programming language in the future. PHP has been an integral part of almost every website and will continue being the same.

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