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Java Spring Boot January 27, 2021

Latest Java Development Trends to observe in 2021

Written by Mahipalsinh Rana


Demand for Java Development is still the same, even in 2021, after around 25 years of Java’s introduction. Java gained popularity very soon after its launch. Since then, people are availing Java development services to build their business solutions like school management software, billing software, flight booking software, etc. A lot of famous video games are also developed in Java, including Minecraft, God of War, Asphalt 3, and some games were developed way too early. 

Java is a famous development language and technology which one cannot ignore. Whether you want to develop a robust ticket booking system or an amazing video game, Java development will help you do all these. That’s why Java Software development has been in demand since its release. 

Latest Java Development Trends

We will discuss some evergreen Java Development Trends that you can observe even in 2021. So, let’s see what we can expect in the Java Development field apart from just development. It will cover development, different frameworks, testing, and many more interesting things. So, let’s dive into the latest Java Portal Development trends.

Java 15 Development

Java continually improves, and hence it releases a new version of Java every once in a while. With every new update, it brings a lot of new features, stability, and improvement. The latest Java version is Java 15, and it is fully packed with unique features and a lot of performance improvements. Here are some Java 15 features that have made Java Development a lot easier and faster.

  • Foreign Memory Access API (JEP 383)
  • Sealed Classes (JEP 360)
  • Hidden Classes (JEP 371)
  • Pattern Matching Type Checks (JEP 375)
  • Better Garbage Collection
  • Many Security Enhancements

So, Java 15 development will be in demand, and Java Developers must adapt to the latest version of Java, and all Java Development companies should develop applications based on Java 15.

Java Frameworks

There are many Java Frameworks in the market to develop different kinds of applications. Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Grails, Vaadin, JavaServer Faces (JSF), and a lot more frameworks are out there to ease the Java Development task to develop an application of your choice and functionalities. 

Offshore Java Developers must learn the new frameworks that will let them create applications with ease and in lesser time, and most frameworks have libraries and methods that reduce the coding. Spring Boot for Business applications is the most made choice, so you can see more business applications developed with Spring Boot. 

Java Testing

Testing or Quality Assurance is an integral part of the software development cycle. So, writing unit tests in Java is very important. These unit tests ensure that the application that the Java developer wrote is bug-free and performs well. Developers must learn to write unit test code in Java, so they can make sure that the application they developed does not misbehave and function well. 

And it is not just about Unit testing. Good Java developers should know system testing, integration testing, etc. Apart from JUnit 5 Library, one can try the Robot framework, Mockito, PowerMock, and other such frameworks to perform different kinds of tests. When testing is done correctly, the application performs well and leaves a nice impression on the users.

DevOps with Java

DevOps is a widely misunderstood term in software development. DevOps is a concept that brings the development and operations team together working on the same project simultaneously. DevOps allows the company to develop and deliver a particular product at a faster pace than the normal software development process. 

DevOps implementation will help the company achieve its goals faster by providing continuous implementation and continuous deployment. Here are some points we want to add to the application of DevOps. 

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Microservices instead of Monoliths
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Automated Testing

There are many more applications of DevOps, but we will list only a few here. So, DevOps with Java will be more common in the near future. And all Java Developers should adopt the DevOps culture to develop their products to achieve their business goals faster!

Deeper Knowledge of Java Libraries and APIs

Java Developers should have a deeper knowledge of different Java libraries and APIs to stay updated with the latest Java Development trends. These libraries and APIs make the development work faster, so your app gets deployed faster. 

So, developers will require a deeper understanding and knowledge of different Java libraries and APIs that make the development work faster and convenient. We are listing some tools that any Java developer should know and use to develop and manage any application effectively.

  • Gradle (App Assembly Tool)
  • Java 15 Standard Packages
  • Spring Framework
  • NoSQL Databases like Cassandra and MongoDB
  • Hibernate Framework

Final Words

Java Development will gain more popularity in the upcoming years, and the demand for Java Developers will increase day-by-day. Seeing the huge demand for Java development, many Java development companies provide development services to various businesses to develop applications that streamline their business.

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