Automotion Spreadsheet



Our client is the UK based largest marketing company responsible for organizing events for all of their clients, These events and campaigns run for days or months. At the end of each month, they need to apply Taxes for all the events held and there are so many rules depending on each client, event types and durations.

These report files are being generated from their Admin panel and saved in AWS S3. We created Lambda functions to execute Python scripts that make all these Tax applications automated depending on a lot of rules. And after applying these rules saves these files again in s3 bucket with proper folder structure.

  • → Automation scripts are written in Python3
  • → S3 bucket to store files, AWS Lambda to execute scripts based on triggers
  • → Optimized logic as they have thousands of report sheets coming in from all over the world with lots and lots of data in CSVs.


  • Python
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS S3
  • Pandas

Key Technical Challenges:

  • The most challenging part was to get the performance so for that I have utilized NumPy and pandas for processing operations on all CSV files.

Business + Technical Points:

  • The client wanted individual scripts per report type but we have provided a solution that generalizes in the future. So the client just needs to configure more report types in a dynamically configurable JSON file instead of replicating scripts and changing parameters in them. We exceeded the client’s expectations.