Navigation/Carpooling/Ride Sharing
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A portal based on the navigation domain for the use case of carpooling with a user as a driver having multiple passengers participating in the carpool. The application has different types of preferences for the searching of the best carpool ride suitable for the passenger. We also have step by step navigation enabled in-app notification services for the updates for the passengers as well as drivers with geo borders restrictions access. We have clubbed Cassandra with Elasticsearch to provide us the searching capabilities along with faceting and filtering based on the Geo-spatial locations. Into the system, we also have an admin panel that shows different type reports of the user statistics, the revenue of the system, and a lot more additional features along with charts, graphs, etc to provide better insights into the system and its peripherals to the administrators.


  • Spring Boot
  • Cassandra
  • Elasticsearch
  • NodeJS
  • Spring Data
  • Tomcat
  • AWS
  • Java 1.8
  • AngularJS 8+

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Routing Algorithm with Detour using Elasticsearch
  • Step-by-step navigation with Here Maps
  • Real-time tracking of drivers and passengers with Google Maps
  • Refund process Integration with Mangopay

Business + Technical Points:

  • Integration of Google Maps, Here Maps
  • Geo-spatial search with Elasticsearch
  • Step-by-step Navigation
  • Mangopay payment vendor Integration.
  • Dashboard reports based on Elasticsearch and Cassandra