Crowdfunding Platform
Crowd Funding Platform


The crowdfunding platform is an excellent model for a gifting program. This platform helps people fund their projects in which you receive donations for your personal needs, like medical expenses, bills, paying off debts, etc. The platform is automated to handle the people going through the boards placing people on the boards and keeping track of who is next to get gifted.

The platform has an E-Wallet for each person to hold money. The platform provides a feature to users to cash out the money to their private bank or money solution of choice.


  • Spring boot
  • Spring security
  • Hibernate
  • Maven
  • MySQL
  • GIT


  • JAVA
  • React JS

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Understanding the large and complex requirements and choosing the right approach for the development.
  • Do all the heavy lifting, placing people in the matrix correctly, and placing them on the boards in proper positions, bookkeeping of who got paid and who has not at each level through the entire system.
  • Develop secure and robust architecture to transact money
  • Working with payment gateway and creating a consistent transaction flow.
  • Adding security and authentication to prevent frauds

Business + Technical Points:

  • Membership functionality
  • Placing people on the boards and keep track of profiles
  • Wallet system
  • Payment gateway integration
  • User collaboration platform via chat.