Multilingual Ecommerce Chatbot for wine seller

Ecommerce retail
Wine shop chatbot


Conversational AI to find out various options of wine with the help of text conversation. Customers will get wine options in conversation format and get easy payment options.


  • Deep Learning
  • NLP
  • Machine Learning


  • Python

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Provide a proper rule base story for each and every possible way to chat with users.
  • Handle fall back situations for each and every possibility when chat flow can break by user

Business + Technical Points:

  • Build a custom Conversational chatbot in multiple languages to get information from users and provide proper support according to their wine orders..
  • Give proper options to the user to choose and also provide payment options or url to complete the order.


  • We are able to build a chat bot for wine shopping support for users in 6 different languages.