India Elections 2019

Politics | Election Digital Platform
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India Elections 2019 App is the one-stop-shop to get the latest developments and trends of the election. Know about the burning issues of your constituencies, share your opinion, get the latest news, hear your candidates' vote appeal. Get all the details about constituencies, candidates, parties on this app.


  • Android - Kotlin
  • iOS - Swift
  • PHP Laravel
  • AngularJS

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Understanding the election campaign process and convert it into a system
  • Choosing the right technique to collect candidates and other data
  • Handle large amount of data on map
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Create highly interactive and user-friendly UI

Business + Technical Points:

  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Search candidate, constituencies
  • Rate your current MP
  • Burning issue section for add your issues
  • Attractive UI