Electronic CMS / B2B E-Commerce
electronic web based cms


ROHM is a web-based portal, where customers can get detailed information about the product, company, history, Technical support.
This platform provides users to access all the products cumulatively on a single platform. This gives the user leverage to all the information about the products on a single click. Users can use Stripe and PayPal gateway for the payment as well as taxation module with shipping methods integrations from DHL and FedEx.


  • Liferay 7.1 DXP
  • Java 1.8
  • Liferay Commerce
  • MariaDB
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Git

Key Technical Challenges:

  •  Integration of Liferay commerce for B2B.
  •  Integration for Google Calendar for events and notifications.
  •  Integration with Remedy Ticket system.
  •  Integration with FedEx, DHL Logistics gateway

Business + Technical Points:

  • B2B e-commerce
  • Remedy Ticket Integration
  • Calendar Integration for events.
  • Database encryption on file level.
  • Subscription based notifications for the events updates.
  • PayPal, Stripe Gateway Integration
  • FedEx, DHL Logistic Integration