Blinet Solve

Business Portal/Billing Portal/Employee Management System
employee management system


This portal manages users and provides information to the users about the latest news about the company, solution offering, company-wide articles, important announcements, and so on. It also provides information about the user's active services, bills, and payments history. It also facilitates users to manage their financial year based on payroll. We have implemented the functionality for the tips and alerts based on the user’s activity. In the portal, we also have the feature to generate different types of reports, graphs, and charts.


  • Liferay 7.1
  • Java 1.8+
  • MySQL
  • Jasper
  • Elasticsearch
  • Docker

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Fetch, filter and sort results by distance or around certain geographical locations.
  • Implementation of notifications and alerts using firebase.
  • Handle and manage the large data and also perform fast searching using elastic search.
  • Categorize the asset based on location and other attributes
  • Algorithms to generate different reports.

Business + Technical Points:

  • Jasper report generation
  • Geo location search for content
  • Personalized content display based on the user activity
  • Stripe payment gateway integration
  • Push notification and alerts of tips as a part of foresight