Investopedia Solution

Investor Portal
e-service investor portal development


The aim of developing this system is to provide the e-service to manage the wallet and trading account easily by using a portal. The stakeholders of the company can manage their wallets using wire transfer and provide information to the users about the latest news about Investopedia and so on. The user can calculate investment benefits based on the investment and revenue generation and help to invest in the right place.


  • Liferay 7.1
  • Java 1.8+
  • MySQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Docker
  • Nginx

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Implementation of chart portlet for the real time-graph plotting
  • Developed customized notifications with dynamic nature
  • Algorithms to calculate the investment benefit
  • Web push notification using Firebase

Business + Technical Points:

  • Schedule events for company with notification and alerts
  • Performance and load metrics to withstand 10k concurrent user load
  • Email and push notification feature
  • Search and display the events based on user activity insights.
  • Real time graph plotting for stock listed in NYSE