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Peoplenect is a multi-platform job management app to hire and manage job openings for your company and hiring process. It enables the employer to see a job status, applicant list, finding the right candidate, inviting a favorite one, and also notify job seekers for your new opening. This is work in both the way to provide a complete hiring process, so candidate can show their skills and apply on the job to get hired.


  • JAVA
  • Android - Kotlin
  • iOS-Swift
  • Laravel

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Match part time availability of job-seekers and job time
  • Place and cluster job and job seekers area wise on map 
  • Handle large amount of data on map and feed
  • Multi time-zone management
  • Make it simple to use

Business + Technical Points:

  • Integration of Google Maps
  • Searching jobs on map
  • Attractive UI