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Property Dealing Portal


Movil Realty is the place where sellers can list their houses for selling and buyers can see the houses listed for selling nearby. An on-demand agent is there to show the house to the buyer. In short, with Movil Realty, all buyer, seller, and the agent can connect for buying or selling properties with ease. Buyers can also see the suitable houses listed for selling when passing by any area. The project is powered by the Apache Solr that enables faster searches for nearby houses and agents.


  • Apache Solr 6.4.1
  • Laravel
  • AngularJS

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Smart Property Dealing Solution with Powerful Search

Business + Technical Points:

  • Search Properties
  • Become A New Realtor
  • See the Current Position of Our Realtors on Map
  • Mark Favorite Properties