Real Estate
Open House Video


It is a web and mobile based application for real estate. One can sell their property faster and reach a wider audience including more customers relocating to your area. Save time and eliminate the window shopper walk-through.

  • -Gather content of rooms & views for your property
  • -Upload your content to
  • -Batch upload your content with the choice of names and description to your rooms


  • Android - Java

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Design clean and user-friendly layouts
  • Implementing high performing video compressor without losing video quality
  • Writing an upload manager from the scratch
  • Working with top-grossing and less documented API framework at that time – Retrofit
  • Integrate Immersive & Versatile Media Players
  • Manage content over multiple user roles

Business + Technical Points:

  • Video Compression
  • Map Street View Integration
  • Attractive UI