Ryuva Club

Social Business Networking
socail business networking app


The Rajput Yuva Entrepreneur Club is the central hub & a big leap to revolutionize the Rajput Business Community. The search engine for the Rajputs to find fellow businessmen. 

Ryuva Club app provides the ease of managing your business from the mobile and communicating with prospective customers.


  • Android - Kotlin
  • PHP
  • Apache Solr 7.x
  • Laravel
  • AngularJS

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Understanding the large and complex requirements and choosing the right approach for the development.
  • Developing totally white label app and provide multiple languages
  • To satisfy a real-word business, creating and managing a large number of multilevel category structures.
  • Design a well-suited subscription model.
  • Design a simple yet user-friendly and attractive UI

Business + Technical Points:

  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Search business on map
  • Membership functionality
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Attractive UI