Travel Portal


The portal is based on the community for the travelers to search and explore the different places based on their interests . Users can search for destinations , travel routes, itineraries , things to dos etc . A personalized search and recommendations engine which work on user search history and browsing patterns


  • Apache Solr
  • Java 11
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Spring Framework
  • Apache Nutch

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Solr + Nutch Integration
  • Trip search based on user preferences
  • Social login
  • User behavior analytics

Business + Technical Points:

  • Trip planning for different locations based on different preferences
  • Rely with confidence on this Nutch + Solr powered for searching destinations Itineraries , things-to-do
  • Search by place names , or search for places to visit in a country , state or season , get pitch-perfect answers
  • Auto-suggest places and destination based on the user’s browsing patterns.
  • Similar places suggestion based on our search history learning and user’s search history