PRC Broadcasting

Video Conferencing Platform
video conferencing platform


The platform was also expected to allow presenters to play a slideshow along with the webcast. They wanted the users to be able to share their queries about the event, and participate in online polls conducted during the live webcast. The participate user can chat and post questions as well as presenters can create it's own emotiees custom made and personalized the theme etc.


  • Spring Boot 2.x
  • Spring security
  • Oracle
  • cassandra
  • Wowza streaming engine 4.6.0
  • Git
  • AWS
  • Docker

Key Technical Challenges:

  • Video streaming integration with Wowza engine
  • Real time chat integration with web sockets
  • Custom emoties creations and support
  • AI/ML based Content moderation algorithm

Business + Technical Points:

  • Event Broadcasting Video Platform
  • Live TV Mobile Experience
  • Live Streaming With Presentation
  • SaaS-based White-labelled Platforms
  • Online Polls & QnA During Live Webcast
  • Recording Live Events Recording Live Events
  • Real-time chat experience