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Python Development August 5, 2020

8 Reasons to Choose Python over PHP for Web Development

Written by Dharmesh Patel


Python is involving constantly. You see every business going digital with website development or mobile app development and expanding their business horizons. PHP is the language used widely for web development purposes. But today people are preferring Python more for their web development.

There are people who are choosing PHP Web Development for their business because of its simplicity, but sometimes, you need to work with something grater than simple. Python is one such programming language that is simple yet powerful. Python development is multi-platform, easy to learn, aesthetic, robust, and possesses every good quality you want from an ideal programming language.

What Is Python Used For?

Python is often used to develop practically everything because it is a universal, multifunctional language.  It is mostly used for:

  •         Data analysis and artificial intelligence
  •         creation of web applications Automation or scripting
  •         software prototypes and testing

What is the purpose of PHP?

PHP is primarily utilized for website creation, as was already said. This is because WordPress, the most well-known CMS, is written in PHP. A substantial portion of 77.4 percent of websites globally, or 40% of all websites, utilize this CMS.

WordPress may not be the only CMS written in PHP, though; the list also includes well-known CMSs like Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal, Magento, and Shopify. Let’s have a look at some of its other uses –

  •         E-commerce websites
  •         Project management tools
  •         User Interfaces in Graphics
  •         Postal services
  •         Social networks and online forums
  •         movable web pages

Let’s explore some of the top reasons that differ Python over others.

Table of Content

8 Reasons to Choose Python Over PHP For Web Development

#1 Well Planned Design

The very first reason why you should choose Python over PHP is its Well Planned Design. As compared to PHP, Python’s design is well-thought-out and hence Python applications can perform far better than PHP applications.

If you want to develop great software, then Python will help you as its design is well-thought-out. Hence, it allows you to develop software that is secure, robust, and performs better than most other software developed in other programming languages. Apart from this Python web development is grabbing the attention of various startups.

#2 Easy to Learn

Another reason to choose Python over Php. Anyone with basic programming knowledge can learn Python and become a master at it. A lot of developers are already learning Python and even some business people with little knowledge in programming are also trying to learn Python to gain sufficient knowledge of it.

So, if you have background knowledge of programming, you can quickly find out what your engineers are working on in their assigned project

By learning Python, you can have an idea of what your developers are currently working on and know how long it will take to launch your project and monitor your Python Application Development project effectively.

#3 Easy Integration

Python is developed in such a way that any third-party tools or payment gateways can be integrated with any Python Application easily.

Therefore, if you need to add a third-party function to your Python application, you can easily incorporate that function’s code into your Python program to make it work with your application. Even if you have to install a payment gateway to your application, then Payment Gateway Integration is quite easy with Python applications.

So, you can integrate any code or payment gateway to your application easily when it is developed in Python.

#4 Multi-platform Support

Another big reason to choose Python over any other programming language is its versatility. It means Python code can be run on any platform. It supports almost all the platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac which are widely used platforms all over the world.

Moreover, you can write code on A Linux machine and execute it on the Windows platform as well. Just like Java, Python is also platform-independent and allows us to run its code on various platforms which make this language different from others.

#5 Python is Fault-tolerant

This is one of a strong reason to choose Python over PHP or any other programming language.

Python is well thought-out in such a way that your code doesn’t break when a minor error occurs in your code. When your code has any minor error, other programming languages break the code and your program faces issues in its execution. But, thanks to Python’s fault tolerance, it can tolerate small errors in your code and can continue executing the rest of the code.

This makes Python the choice for everyone. Mistake happens to all of us, and Python is kind enough to forgive small mistakes that happened in your code and doesn’t break the flow of your code which is impressive.

#6 IoT Advantage

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future, and Python is built to develop IoT applications. With Python, you can develop various IoT Applications that can manage your home devices effectively. You can turn on-off your smart TV, smart fan, and many other devices with the Internet of Things. Here Python development plays a crucial role in powering the applications and making them capable of enhancing user experience.

So, if you need to integrate IoT with your application in the future, Python is the perfect programming language for you to develop your next project! Python has got many frameworks and libraries dedicated to IoT and AI programming. So, it will be easier for the developers to develop an IoT program that will enable smart management of your home devices and make a lot of other things possible.

#7 Security

Now, this is the most important factor to look at when you develop a software application for your business. Business data is always very important and confidential and it must not be compromised. Python always makes sure that your data stays safe within your Python Application.

Python has introduced a lot of frameworks that you can use to develop your application which keeps your data secure. So, you can trust Python for your data and it will never let you down. Python frameworks like Django and Flask are highly secure and with every new update of those frameworks, the security game gets stronger and stronger.

#8 Community Support

Last but not least, Python has got great community support. Whenever your Python Application Developer is stuck with anything, the developer can find out the solution with the large Python Developer’s community. One can post his/her question on the forum and easily get answers So, having a large community of experts is a great thing that helps you solve your query or questions anytime.

So, community support is like a blessing whenever the developer is stuck with any query. So, Python has got strong community support which makes Python is an obvious choice for your next application development.


Above mentioned are some of the most impactful reasons that makes Python an ideal choice for web development.

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