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Software Development February 22, 2021

Six Machine Learning Trends that can Uplift your business in 2021

Writen by Dharmesh Patel


This era is all about artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI and ML development companies are in demand. Machine learning is helping a lot in the growth of Artificial Intelligence. Any ML algorithm can learn a lot from user behavior, and through Machine Learning business analytics is getting stronger and stronger.

Machine Learning is helping a lot in business management. People are achieving great business heights by availing Machine Learning development services. Many startups and businesses have already implemented AI and ML and are getting a wholesome ROI.

So, believe it or not, Machine Learning will contribute a lot to business revenue by providing the users with relevant product recommendations and a lot more things. In short, we can say, Machine Learning is the future, and you should accept this fact anytime soon. There are some Machine Learning Development trends you should know in 2021

Top Machine Learning Trends for Businesses in 2021

Here are those Machine Learning Development Trends that can uplift your business in 2021. AI and ML both are contributing a lot to business development. Let’s study those ML trends that can boost your business.

Better Business Forecast

You can get better business forecasts using Machine Learning. The algorithm will gather every piece of information related to your business like demand, supply, economic factors, other market factors. After processing all these data, the machine learning algorithm can predict sales, costing, and many other factors for your business that will help you make better business decisions and manage your business like a pro!

When you get a better and accurate business forecast, it helps you make the right decision for your business. It will lead to better business and higher revenue. So, Machine Learning indirectly helps in achieving more business revenue.

Product Recommendation

When you own an online shop, as in an eCommerce Website or a mobile app, your business is global. Everyone can visit your store from any corner of the earth. People are selling different products and services through a website or a mobile app, but Machine Learning has increased sales by providing user-relevant product recommendations.

When you are purchasing a laptop, accessories like a keyboard, mouse, cooling pad, etc. comes in the recommendation, and some users might purchase those accessories along with the laptop. So, this strategy helps the seller boost sales and make more business revenue.

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

AI can bring up your business revenue by predicting the lifetime value of a customer. Machine Learning counts possible revenue from the users of your website. The algorithm calculates the potential revenue generation from the customers based on various factors, and most times, those predictions are always accurate. The algorithm learns from the user shopping behaviors and other factors.

By calculating customer lifetime value prediction, it becomes easier for the business to predict their revenue. It also helps the company make better decisions, and to implement different marketing campaigns. Predicting CLV helps in numerous ways to any business.

Churn Rate Prediction

Churn Rate means the ratio number of users that are most likely to discontinue the membership of your platform or website. The higher your churn rate, the more users likely to end the subscription at your website. So, you have to reduce the churn rate as much as you can. Machine Learning helps you predict the churn rate and you can implement different marketing techniques to reduce your churn rate.

By getting a churn rate, you can set better business plans, retain your users, and make business plans that reduce the churn rate and take the CLV to greater heights. By doing this, you will get a higher business revenue, and hence more profits, the ultimate goal to many businesses.

Fraud detection

Machine Learning has helped a lot to financial institutions to detect spam and possible fraudulent activities. Machine Learning algorithms can easily find the patterns that fall outside the regular activities and instantly detect the anomalies to prevent fraud. Many financial institutions are already using Machine Learning algorithms to detect possible frauds and spam.

Apart from just financial institutions, many industries can implement Machine Learning in their system and accurately detect spam and fraudulent activities. Finance, Travel, Gaming, Retail, etc. sectors can save a huge amount of money by detecting possible frauds through Machine Learning development.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing can help you if you want to focus on generating more revenue from your startup or business. Uber is a perfect example of a dynamic pricing model. The transportation industry has leveraged quite some benefits from dynamic pricing. Many eCommerce companies are also using this technique. The Machine Learning algorithm learns from the user’s searching history and sets the product’s or service’s pricing according to the pre-set pricing algorithm based on various factors.

Airlines use the dynamic pricing policy and earn more from the users who have the urgency to fly. It also increases airfare when the travel date is very near to the booking date. So, implementing machine learning to your application will provide you with a high revenue advantage, and you should implement it to grow your business.


Chatbots are slowly replacing human customer care executives. You can train your virtual chatbot assistant, and it can get trained from the user behavior as well. The main drawback of human customer care executives is they have working limits, i.e., 8 hours a day, and you may require a lot of customer care executives, but when you have a virtual chatbot assistant, it can work 24 x 7. A single chatbot will be capable of assisting multiple users at the same time.

Developing a chatbot assistant is just a one-time investment, and you may require negligible maintenance, which costs far lesser amount than a human representative. So, you may as well consider developing a chatbot assistant. A chatbot assistant may not replace the human team completely, but it will help reduce lessening the burden on them, and you may require far lesser human representatives when you have a chatbot assistant.

Final Words

We hope you have read all six Machine Learning Trends that can uplift your business in 2021 and grasped some knowledge to improve your business with Machine Learning. There are lot more trends going on in the machine learning field, and AI is revamping every existing system. So, if you want to expand your business, you should hire machine learning developers.

If you are searching for any Machine Learning development company, you are at the right website. You can contact us or drop an email at sales@inexture.com to schedule a free consulting session on AI and ML development for your business. We are available on Skype as bde.inexture to answer your questions. So, what are you waiting for? Book a free session and boost your business with the power of Machine Learning!

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