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Software Development October 15, 2020

Ultimate Guide to Hire Remote Developers from INDIA

Writen by Vishal Shah


The Coronavirus Outbreak has hit us hard. All of us are socially, economically, and mentally affected through the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of businesses are suffering and reporting a massive loss due to the lockdown. People are losing jobs as most employers are not in a decent financial condition to keep paying their employees, so they have to cut down the employees and keep running their business with the minimum staff and that too working from home. In an extreme case, where work from home isn’t an option. E.g., site work, people are working on an actual place, while where work from home is possible, all employees are working from home.

Working from home is being loved by most IT workers, and they have embraced it, but the only thing they are missing is the face-to-face communication, which is almost possible with Google Meet and Zoom. So, IT Operations have not affected much due to the coronavirus outbreak, as most IT operations can be done remotely with a system and good internet connection.

Why Choose Remote Work?

As no one wants to catch the virus, people prefer not to go out and work from their homes instead. Moreover, IT operations can be carried out from your home if you have a working system, your data, and a good internet connection. That’s why remote work is being famous these days. Another reason why even companies allow remote work is that they don’t have to provide their employees with a physical space. They don’t have to pay for internet bills, electricity bills, or other employee bills. So, these are some benefits the employer gets when they allow remote work to their employees.

If you are looking to develop a website or a mobile app for your business, this pandemic is the best time. Avail the best Android App Development Services from the best Android Development Company. However, you will not have to hire an on-site team to do so, because, with the new normal, your Web Development and Mobile App Development tasks will be carried out remotely.

Why Hire Remote Developers

Remote Mobile App Developers and Remote Web Developers will help you create your web identity and help you spread it worldwide. Hiring remote Web and App Development companies can be a wise choice for your business, as hiring an in-house development team can be expensive and might get risky. So, you must hire remote developers to build your web presence, a mobile app, or any digital product. Here are the reasons why one should hire Remote Developers:

Remote Work is Safe

Hiring a team of developers who work outside your business premises or better call it work from home team is safe, looking at the current situation. If your team is working at your business premises, things may not be so safe, and hence remote work is the best suitable option. That’s why remote employees and remote developers fit the best for any Project Development requirements.

Easy Team Management

When you work with a remote team, its management becomes more comfortable and flexible. You just have to call the manager or a team leader to get your work done, and they will ask the teammates to do so. You can manage the entire team by just a phone call or a few emails or sometimes even through simple texts.


Getting your web development and mobile app development work done from a remote team is quite pocket-friendly compared to an in-house team. You will need physical office space, resources like Computer systems, furniture, internet, electricity, etc. when you hire an in-house developers team. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about all these resources when you hire remote developers. Moreover, remote developers work at quite a lower rate as compared to an in-house team. So, choosing remote workers is beneficial for you and your business.

Remote work is the Future

Believe it or not, remote work is the future, and most tech companies are already allowing working from home for their employees. Twitter has permanently allowed their employees to work from their homes or from anywhere. Most IT companies are still operating from home, and the managers have even noticed work improvement when their employees work from home. So, hiring remote developers will be the new normal.

So, from these benefits of hiring remote developers might have explained why one should hire remote developers instead of an in-house team. But, what if you are a newbie in this remote developer hiring game? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to hire Remote Developers; we will help you thoroughly to hire the next remote developers’ team.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Remote Developers

Suppose you have not previously hired any remote developers, or you are a newbie. In that case, you might need to consider some points that will help you choose the best Remote Development Company and individual Remote Developers. If you are outsourcing, then you should consider some tips for Outsourcing Software Development to India. But, for the remote development team, keep these points in your mind before finalizing a deal with a remote development company or a remote development team.

List your Development Needs

First of all, you have to list down your development requirements. This is the first step towards your application development. You have to provide the remote developers’ team all the information on your needs and requirements, so the company or the remote team can quote you for your requirements and tell you the estimated time to complete the project. From the estimation provided by different teams, you can shortlist the companies or remote developers to hire.

Interview Them

After shortlisting the candidates or companies, you need to interview them for their skills. You can schedule a technical test that tests the candidate’s skills. Based on the test performance, you can select or reject the company or the candidate who wants to be your remote developer. An Interview and a technical test will test the candidate for their eligibility, and you can identify their real skills.

Make Structured Project Timeline

Once you finalize the remote development company, you have to give them a structured project timeline, which defines everything about your project, including when will it start, what will be the project’s milestones, when the first milestone will be delivered, when the project will be deployed, etc. When you make a structured project timeline, it will avoid future disputes between you and the remote development company or candidate.

Prepare and Sign an NDA

This point is the most important one if your project and company’s data is sensitive and should remain confidential. If your project work requires confidential data to handle, you need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your remote development company or your remote development partner. Signing an NDA will bind your development partner not to use your data or to disclose your data anywhere. This makes sure data don’t get misused in any form.

Discuss Support

When everything is decided about your project development, don’t forget to discuss post-release support. Like till when they provide free support, how will they provide support (i.e., phone calls, emails, instant chats)? These terms are so crucial to discuss, so it doesn’t create any disputes in the future. And you have to discuss if they will charge anything for support after the fixed duration is over after product deployment.

So, these points are discussed here to make sure you hire the right remote development company or the right remote development partner for your Android App Development or Web Development. If you follow the above points, you will most likely work with a genuine and reputed development firm.

If you hear people saying bad things about remote development, then they may not have tried it yet. Here are some common myths about remote development that are busted here.

Top Myths about Remote Development Busted

Remote Development is not Secure

A lot of people say that remote development or outsourcing is not secure because the team does not work in-house, and hence there is a question about the security of your data. People often question how do you know what they do with your data; then, the answer is the Non-Disclosure Agreement. When you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, the partner company is legally bound not to use your data or identity anywhere. Moreover, no company does such kind of fraud; after all, they have an image to maintain.

So, Remote Development is totally safe, and you can hire Remote Developers even to develop your most sensitive projects with confidential data. You may try Android Development, iOS Development, or such kind of Mobile App Development.

Weak Communication

Another big myth about remote Development is Weak Communication. People say that you can’t communicate better when you work with a remote development team. When you work with a remote developers’ team in a totally different time zone, there might be some communication problems, but most times, the development partner is ready to change their working hours if you ask them to do so. So, there won’t be any communication gap when you hire a remote developers team.

You can relax about the communication even when you hire remote developers from a different time zone, because most partners will agree to work according to your timezone, or at least answer all of your questions even after the working hours.

Remote Development is Costly

Another myth about remote development is that it is costly. And we want to clarify that Remote Development is not costly at all, in fact, it is a wise choice when running out of budget. You can choose outsourcing or remote development when you have not enough budget for Mobile App Development or Web Development. The offshore IT companies have quite great resources, and they are budget-friendly too. So, remote development is a great choice when you have not enough budget for development.

Next time when you hear someone say that remote development is costly, show them this blog and hit them with reality. Try Remote Development for your next project and start working with your new remote development team today!

So, you may find a lot of myths about Outsourcing and Remote Development, but do not believe those misleading myths. Here we have tried to shed some light on such misleading myths and make you aware of the reality.

Final Words:

So, from this blog, we hope you gain some knowledge about hiring Remote Developers and Remote Development Company to build your next Android App, iOS App, or an Enterprise Portal. If you are a rising business in need of a budget-friendly, yet top web and mobile app development company, then we can help you with the development stuff.

Suppose you are looking for a Remote Development Company or a Remote Development Partner. In that case, INEXTURE is the best choice for you, as we are developing great mobile apps, enterprise portals, and other such digital products that expand your business globally. Hire the best Mobile App Developers if you want to develop such a digital product for your business. Just contact us or drop an email on sales@inexture.com, and we will contact you very soon to discuss the project in detail.

If you still have any questions about hiring remote developers, then you may find some answers from the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it really safe to Hire Remote Developers and Remote Development Team?
A: It is totally safe to hire your remote development team, as an NDA will legally bind them, so all of your data is safe with your remote development partner.

Q: How will I communicate with the team members? Will time zones affect our communication?
A: You can always contact your team members with messaging apps like Skype, or by emails or phone calls. And time zones won’t be a problem for communication, as most remote developers will answer anytime you contact them.

Q: How much will it cost to hire Remote Developers?
A: Hiring remote developers is cheaper as compared to hiring an in-house development team. Remote developers are ready to work at competitive rates. So, you can save your development costs by hiring remote developers.

Q: Will the developers work only for me?
A: When you hire a full-time dedicated developer, the developer will work only on your project.

Q: What are the hiring models?
A: You can hire the developers Monthly, Hourly, Part-time, full-time, or on a fixed cost. Most people choose either a full-time contract or hourly contract.

Q: I want to hire Remote Developers, but I have some more questions.
A: Feel free to ask your questions on sales@inexture.com, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Writen by Vishal Shah

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