Redefine E-Commerce using power of ElasticSearch Engine


17th September 2021 9.30 AM EST (US East Coast) 2.30 PM London (UK)

6.30 AM PST (US West Coast) 3.30 PM CET (US Central) 7.00 PM IST (India)

This webinar will explain how we can leverage maximum benefit from your E-commerce site using the power of ElasticSearch. Within a short span, Elasticsearch has become the most popular search engine, surpassing other commercial / open source search engines. Today, all the major cloud service providers are offering Elasticsearch as a hosted, managed service. It not just provides a powerful search engine but also adds analytics, metrics, monitoring, and visualization capabilities. Its advanced search functionality helps us resolve complex requirements and queries and make it the best contender for the E-commerce domain. Elasticsearch is open-source and based on Apache Lucene and uses the same technology that powers Google’s search engine, called inverted indexing, and other best-in-class algorithms.

Agenda / Talking points

This webinar will provide an overview of Elasticsearch and mainly focus on how it plays a crucial role in improving the overall user experience in eCommerce domain applications, especially when it comes to finding relevant information. We will be talking about the following:
  • Overview of Elasticsearch
  • E-Commerce how poor search contribute to loss of revenue
  • E-Commerce latest Search trends
  • Use Cases of improvements after Elastic Search Implementation
  • Future of E-Commerce Search


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Mahipalsin Rana

Mahipalsinh Rana


10 Years of ElasticSearch Expertise

Parth Pancholi

Elasticsearch Consultant

6 Years of ElasticSearch Expertise

Who Should Attend
  • E-commerce entrepreneurs already running an online business
  • Anyone planning to start a new e-commerce platform
  • Presidents/Vice-Presidents/CTO’s