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Software Development June 24, 2021

Why AngularJS is an Ideal Framework for Developing Single-Page Applications?

Writen by Vishal Shah



In the world of information technology, changes and upgrades are everlasting concepts. Every technology with robust features cannot prolong the limelight.  Every versatile technology opens the doors for even adaptable technologies for the future, which is also indispensable for development. 

Having said that, let us talk about one such technology that has been replaced by: multi-page applications. Multi-page applications lead web app development radically till everyone witnessed the spiffing substitute of the same: single-page applications. Developing a single-page application is still a new concept for a few developers. An apt web application framework is very important to build a stellar single-page application. Angular.js framework here is a gateway to develop single-page applications that stand out amongst all.

Let’s Get Familiar With The Basics First:

What is a single-page application?

Single page application (SPA) is a single page (as per its name) wherein almost all information stays the same and only a few pieces are required to be updated at a time.

For instance, when you browse through your email you will witness that not much changes during the time you navigate something, the sidebar and header remain untouched as you scroll through your inbox.

The SPA only sends what you need with each click, and your browser provides that information. This is a different method altogether from a traditional page load where the server re-renders a full page with every click you make and sends it to your browser.

This piece by piece, client-side method makes load time much faster for users and makes the amount of information a server has to send a lot less and a lot more cost-effective. Thus, it is a game-changer!

What is the use of a single-page application?

An imperative feature of single-page applications is performance. They get a performance boost by loading HTML, CSS, and JavaScript resources as soon as the website is loaded. The reason is that when users reach an application, they require the minimal possible wait time so that they can do their work and push off.

How AngularJS is helping developers create a single-page application?

1. Data Binding

AngularJS supports two-way data binding, i.e., whenever the model is being updated, the view of the model also gets updated as AngularJS follows MVC architecture.

Therefore, the data can be viewed by the user, based on what he prefers to see.

2. Routing

Navigation between web pages created using AngularJS is quite simple when it is compared to those that are developed using other javascript frameworks. The directives deployed in AngularJS are lightweight, so the performance metrics of AngularJS are pretty commendable.

3. Testing

Once the application is created with AngularJS, we can perform automated testing for quality assurance using selenium. This is one of the excellent features of applications created using AngularJS development.

4. An Extensible And Modular Platform

AngularJS allows the creation of multiple modules for a single application. It is where each module depends on the other one. As one of the prime advantages of the Angular framework, it recognizes the requirement for an additional module. Hence, it can be amalgamated with other modules for the successful implementation of the application. It is among the many other reasons why businesses go for Angular 7 when it comes to developing a single-page application.

Other Core Benefits of AngularJS:

  1. Angular is pretty easy to learn
  2. It has a Two-Way Binding Feature
  3. Angular supports SPA features
  4. It has a declarative UI
  5. It is supported by Google
  6. It allows for optimal web application management
  7. Angular JS is a pretty robust framework

Bottom line:

The versatility of Angular.js  is reaching heights in the domain of web development. Now that you have learnt how Angular.js can help you develop a single-page application. You can shake hands with Inexture solutions LLP for top-notch Angular development services for erudite Angular Front end  developer.


Single-page applications support rich interactions and allow multiple components to be implemented in a single page with varying intermediate states, selections, menus, etc. This is a highly valuable feature for optimizing the user experience.

Single-page applications are pretty faster and more responsive when compared to multiple-page applications. A single-page application is highly decoupled between client and server and their source code is separated in different projects.

When it comes to single-page applications, only the required part of the content gets updated instead of updating the whole page. This revamps and boosts the speed of the website thoroughly which is very advantageous for businesses.

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