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Software Development April 15, 2021

5 High-pace Trends Of Machine Learning Development To Transform Your Business

Writen by Dharmesh Patel


A year of agitation due to COVID-19 has made us adopt different traits and this is not just left up to us; human beings. We have caused a change in every single thing which is somehow not favorable and vice-versa. But today, let us talk about the change that has made things swift for us, a growing vitality of Machine Learning Development. Yes, essentially post covid-19, machine learning has become a word to be addressed every time when we talk about the importance.

Having elaborated that, there are certain trends that need to be pivoted and hit it off. Here we present you some of the most imperative trends that you will surely adopt after learning the versatility of the same. Let’s get cracking then:

IoT and Machine Learning Development are on Rising

IoT has already formed an established place in technology wherein numerous devices are connected all across a network and they can make contact with each other. These devices are increasing entirely and there could be more than 64 billion IoT devices by 2025. This entire data is being examined and studied to glean useful insights. That’s where Machine Learning becomes so crucial! Machine Learning algorithms are being availed to convert the data collected by IoT devices into useful actionable results.

You will get to see the intersection of ML and IoT in the field of Smart vehicles where self-driving cars need to be oh-so accurate and all the parts need to communicate with each other in milliseconds on the path. This shows how imperative the combination of these technologies is. Gartner has estimated more than 80% of enterprise IoT projects will use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2022, which is quite bigger than the 10% of projects using it as of now.

Business Forecasting and Analysis

The time series analysis has been mainstream for modern time and is as yet a hot pattern for the prevailing year. Carrying this game plan forward, experts gather and screen a set of data over a period of time which then is scrutinized and utilized for making smart decisions. The ML networks can give hypotheses with accuracy as high as around 95% whenever trained utilizing diverse data sets.

In 2021 and beyond, we can predict that organizations should fuse recurrent neural networks for high-fidelity forecasting. For example, machine learning solutions can be fused to contrive unseen patterns and on-dot forecasts. A true instance of this is insurance firms recognizing potential feints which can be possibly costly to them.

“A baby learns to crawl, walk and then run.  We are in the crawling stage when it comes to applying machine learning.”

 ~Dave Waters

Automation in Machine Learning

The upcoming phase of development in Machine Learning is Automated Machine Learning! It’s no less than a gem for people who are not proficient in the complicated world of Machine Learning and for experienced data scientists and analysts as well. Automated Machine Learning allows these data scientists to create Machine Learning models with higher efficiency and productivity while having stellar quality.

So a tool like AutoML can be used to instruct high-quality custom machine learning models for classification, regression, and clustering without much knowledge of programming. It can feasibly offer the right amount of customization without a comprehensive knowledge of the complex workflow of Machine Learning. It can also help in using machine learning best practices while reducing time and resources. One such instance of AutoML is Automated machine learning offered by Microsoft Azure that you can use to create and avail predictive models.

Rapid Computing Power

Artificial intelligence analysts are pretty close to beginning understanding the features of artificial neural networks and the optimal approach to arranging them. This proposes within the coming year, algorithmic breakthroughs will continue arising at an indelible pace with expedient developments and upgraded problem-solving systems. Cloud machine learning solutions are similar to picking up force as third-party cloud service providers stimulate deploying ML algorithms in the cloud. Artificial intelligence can address a better scope of inauspicious issues that need finding insights and making decisions. However, without the aptness to get a handle on a machine’s suggestion, individuals will imagine that it’s pretty tough to accept that proposition. With specific lines, envision continued growth in the interim increasing the transparency concerning AI algorithms.

Machine Learning in Cyber Security

As Machine Learning has become more and more in talk these days, it is also increasing its applications in multiple industries. One of the most well-received among them is the Cyber Security industry. Machine Learning has various applications in Cyber Security which also includes improving current antivirus software, fighting cyber-crime that too uses Machine Learning capabilities, identifying cyber threats, and many others.

Machine Learning can also be availed to create Smart Antivirus software that can ascertain any virus or malware by its unusual tendency rather than just using its signature like normal Antivirus. So an optimum Antivirus can spot older threats from previously encountered viruses and also new threats from viruses that were freshly created by examining their auspicious behavior. Since nowadays many companies are integrating Machine Learning in Cybersecurity, the most usual examples of this are Chronicle, a cybersecurity company managed by Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Sqrrl, a company founded by the ex-National Security Agency employees.

Final Statement:

So, these are some of the most pivotal and frequently adopted trends of machine learning in 2021. Hope you find it operative to use and you must see the desired transition coming your way once you avail these trends whether you are a pro or novice.

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