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Python Development April 27, 2022

Things to know about Agile Software Development in Python

Writen by Dharmesh Patel


Agile development methodology first came into existence in the year 2000 and it’s already 21 years of its existence. Agile principles and methodology is an approach to managing projects and has a lot to do with increasing productivity. This is why 71% of the companies are adopting Agile. 

When we talk about Python, it is considered one of the best languages to work with. It is a high-level object-oriented programming language and is used by many tech giants for web development and even for machine learning. 

Being versatile, easy to learn, and highly scalable, Python is also among the top choices of startups. You can check here, why startups must work with this language. 

Since agile is a methodology it has very little to do with language or any software program. But combining Python with Agile brings the best of both technology and methodology. This means that developers working with Python achieve results faster when they apply Agile principles. This is the reason why companies hire Python developers and apply agile methodology these days. 

How Agile and Python makes a great team

How agile and python makes a great teamWhen two good things combine, they build something great. This is what happens when we combine Agile and Python. 

High productivity 

Both Agile and Python are known to increase productivity. While Python is considered a performance booster for testing automation, Agile was developed to boost productivity and for the development of flawless products. Imagine the magic these two create together. 

Flexible process allows for changes 

One of the biggest advantages of Agile is flexibility and adaptability. There are no rigid rules or processes to be followed. The project is divided into small tasks called sprints. After the end of the sprint, feedback is taken and changes are made accordingly. 

Continuous development 

This is one of the advantages that ensure the development of an excellent product when Python and Agile are combined. Because of the flexible process and easy adaptability to changes, tracking and analyzing progress becomes easy. Changes are made at the end of the sprint. This enables easier product improvement from the early stage of development. Thus improving the overall efficiency and quality. Most Python development service providers abide by this rule. 

Improves team collaboration and stakeholder engagement

Agile functions on collaborative efforts meaning that agile teams have cross-functional teams who work together to find better ideas and solutions for each sprint. During the entire development process, stakeholders get multiple opportunities to participate in feedback. This creates transparency and better coordination between client expectations and the project. This also brings a sense of satisfaction among stakeholders.

Fast prototyping 

When building a product with Agile and Python, there is a feedback loop through which changes are made as the product develops. This leaves lesser scope for issues and the product is test-ready as soon as it is finished. 

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The process of Agile software development in Python

The Process of agile software development

The goal of Agile and Python is to produce great products in short development cycles and to do so, you can choose between the two Agile frameworks- Scrum and Kanban. While these frameworks are a whole read in themselves, the process followed in Agile is the same. 

Project Planning

Like every project planning, this step includes understanding the project, its end goals, its importance to the client, and how to achieve it. Developing project scope with easy adaptation to changes and additions, as and when required. 

Project roadmap

In this step, the project is broken down into features that will make the final product. Development of backlogs, list of features and deliverables happens during this step. This is crucial, as each feature will be developed during each sprint. 

Release planning 

In Agile, short development cycles are planned at the end of which a feature is released. Before beginning the project, Agile methodology demands a clear and precise plan for feature releases. When starting a new sprint, the release plan is assessed based on the present requirement and the future targets. 

Sprint Planning

This step includes sprint planning meetings with the stakeholders and team members. This determines what will be accomplished in each sprint, how will it be achieved, assessment of task load for every team member, and visual documentation of the workflow for transparency. 

Daily stand-ups

When we say stand-ups, we mean only 15 minute long meetings to understand what everyone achieved the last day and what they will be working on today. This is not the meeting to solve problems or for discussions, it is just to access the sprints. 

Sprint review and retrospection

When a sprint ends, these two meetings help in reviewing the project and discussing the sprint. 

  • Sprint review is for open communication with stakeholders and showing the product. 
  • A retrospective meeting is for discussing what went well and what needs to change. 

These are essential meetings, especially if you are new to Agile. These help you in understanding the agile methodology and planning better in the future. 

Python frameworks that gel with agile 

Python is known to be highly efficient when a project is set on a deadline. It has a variety of libraries and frameworks that offer ready to run solutions which makes development faster. Combined with agile which makes solving complex tasks easy. 

Some of the top Python frameworks that combine great with agile methodology and significantly improve efficiency of web app and development are: 

Flask: This is a lightweight micro web framework and is classified as microframework because it does not require any particular libraries and tools. It gives flexibility for creating apps faster and easily. 

Django: It is a high-level Python framework that helps in developing secure and easily maintainable websites. It follows model-template-views architectural pattern and takes care of development hassle. 

FastAPI: This framework enables developers to use the REST interface for using common functions for implementing apps. 

Bottle: This is a WSGI micro web Python framework which is distributed as a single file module. It has no dependencies other than on Python Standard Library. 

CherryPy: This is an object oriented web app framework which provides the CRUD (create, retrieve, update and delete) functionalities. 

Web2Py: A powerful framework that provides useful debug features, automatic reloads after code changes and full error tracking functionalities. 

Agile software development in Python offers huge flexibility and this is why every good Python web development company applies Agile practices to its projects and includes clients during the entire project life-cycle. 

Python is trusted by startups specially because they have both money and time crunch. Big companies run after efficiency and excellent product development in a short time.  Agile and Python together, solve their problems and allow developers to efficiently and quickly deliver the best products. 

Inexture offers Python development services coupled with Agile methodologies ensuring that you get world-class products in a short span of time and are continuously involved during the entire development process. 

Get in touch with us if you are looking to hire Python experts for your next project. 

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