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Python Development January 7, 2022

Eight Reasons Why Startups Need to Hire Python Developers

Writen by Dharmesh Patel


When it comes to deciding the correct programming language for a product development process, startups must examine a number of variables.

It is imperative to examine the pace of development carefully. Check the language’s popularity, the cost of developers, libraries, integrations, security, scalability, and stability, especially when working on a limited budget.

For these reasons, your best bet is to use a dependable and well-established technology like Python. Hailed as one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world, Python has sustained the top spot in the development community by unanimous voting since 1991.

In this guide, we will talk about the reasons why a startup should work with a Python development company for their project.

8 Reasons why Startups Must Use Python

Python an Ideal Solution for Startups

Python is User and Developer-Friendly

Python is built with a unique philosophy that can be summarised in three principles;

  • It’s better to be explicit than implicit.
  • Simple things are always better than complex
  • But, the complex is better than the complicated.

These guiding principles are represented clearly in Python. As a result, it’s a language that is intuitive, neat, well-structured, easy to use, and easy to learn. These combine to make Python especially well-suited to startups with money, time, and profit restrictions.

Hence, this becomes a strong reason to hire people providing Python development services. Startups usually start with building an MVP and scale it further according to the performance and user’s response.

Because Python enables faster development, it is suitable for building an MVP. With Python, it is easier to implement the changes according to the user’s feedback and suggestions to fine-tune the solution as they require.

For this, Python has several in-built packages and modules that can increase the development speed further.

Python is Scalable

Continuing from the point above where we said that Python is great for building a digital solution to begin your business, rest assured that Python is also a highly scalable programming language.

A startup cannot afford to miss the opportunity to scale their digital solution, especially when the users are liking what they have built. So, they need to work with a technology that can help them scale easily, which is Python.

Python is great as it helps accommodate the changes while providing an exceptional customer experience to make your product more successful and attract more audiences.

As a result, you must plan ahead and build scalability into your app since as a business expands, so do its users. Particularly, the Python-powered Django framework is useful here for scaling the application.

The Django framework provides a set of ready-to-use web components for application development, allowing Python to create massively scalable apps.

Furthermore, Django’s web components are self-contained. As a result, depending on the business need, you can replace or unplug a component. Additionally, Python libraries allow you to add new functionality to your product quickly.

Python is Versatile

Think of any industry, platform, and technology; Python is compatible with almost everything. You can be building an AI-based mobile application for iOS users in the healthcare industry, and a Python development company can execute the project easily.

This is the reason why we see some of the top applications are built with Python from a wide range of industries. Hence, every startup that starts using Python can stick to it in the future as well because it can add any type of feature and integrate advanced technologies.

Python is a far more suited language for satisfying the development requirements for different types of combinations. Lastly, another aspect of a startup is checking a lot of things before they are finalised.

Here too, a Python app developer can finish the task quickly because Python is a rapid language. The developer will be able to test ]ideas much faster in Python than in other languages, saving you time and money.

It’s the Community

Python is popular, making it easier to hire Python developers because you will find some amazing people who are in awe of this technology. But another perk of Python’s popularity is that it has nurtured a big community.

Python’s programmer community is one of the best in the world, and there is no other development technology community that can match the Python group of enthusiasts.

But how does having a community make it a good thing for startups? Well, it’s not about the community itself, but more about the access to knowledge, ideas, and information shared by the community, which matters.

So, you can trust the community to help you find solutions easily for every level of complexity you encounter throughout development. Hundreds of thousands of programmers and supporters are working to improve the language’s basic features and functionalities all around the world.

For a startup, this assistance from a friendly community means cost and time savings.

Past and Future Relevance

You can hire Python developers having decades of experience because this programming language has existed for a long time. This also means that it’s a time-tested programming language.

It’s an innovative programming language because, throughout the years, it has sustained the top position because of its capability to integrate with the latest technologies.

Hence, if Python has stood the test of time for all these years, it would be safe to say that Python will also be relevant in the future. So, there won’t be issues with migrating your solutions to another language because Python has become obsolete.

Time and again, developers have been able to execute exemplary things with Python and build state-of-the-art digital solutions.

Secure Development

Besides building a relevant solution, startups need to build a secure platform as it garners trust among their customers. For a brand, building trust is not easy, but it begins with creating a secure solution.

Year after year, we see less vulnerabilities with Python, which means that there are people working at the backend to make Python even more secure than it is today.

Python’s security also comes from its frameworks like Django. Django has several in-built security features allowing the developers to create air-tight solutions protecting any unwanted security attacks.

Python-based Django framework allows you to hide the site’s source code, preventing anyone from viewing it directly. This is done by dynamically producing the pages.

Libraries and Frameworks

By working with Python, you can also leverage the capabilities of its frameworks and libraries that help build more refined and advanced applications.

As new technologies and possibilities emerge, we have seen frameworks and libraries being introduced to help developers build solutions by integrating the new technologies.

For example, TensorFlow or Scikit-Learn were not there earlier. But they were specifically designed to help developers include AI and machine learning-enabled features in applications development.

The ability to work with advanced Python frameworks and libraries can become one of the decisive factors to hire a Python development company in the future.

Need Few Developers

You won’t need a big team of developers working on your Python project. Python is a simple and uncomplicated programming language. Furthermore, it has a lot of additional tools, libraries, and frameworks that speed up the development process.

For a startup, a shorter time to market means better opportunities as they will get more time than the competitors with the customers. Also, startups will need fewer developers when they are working with Python.

Hiring fewer Python app developers means the company will spend less money on the development process.

Due to these reasons, Python has become a popular choice among companies, especially startups, to build digital solutions from scratch. The ubiquity of this programming language combined with advanced features and functions has made it one of the first choices among startups for building digital solutions.

Throughout the years, we have seen Python’s popularity growing. In 2021, 48.24% of developers were using Python, and the number is expected to grow in 2022.

W3Techs finds that 1.4% of all the websites use Python for server-side programming. And according to the latest TIOBE Index of December 2021, Python was the most popular programming language of the month. 

Source: TIOBE

Python was declared as the language of the year in 2007, 2010, 2018, and 2020. 

With Python showing exemplary performance and growth throughout the years, there is no doubt that it is a great choice for startups to build their solutions. 

But Why is the Right Programming Language Essential for Startups?

Startups require a unique development strategy, and this is given the fact that they operate on a shoestring budget. Running out of money in the middle of the procedure is one of the most serious concerns. So, the right choice of their programming language is essential to sustain operations and complete the process smoothly. 

Plus, for a startup, time is more valuable than for a well-established company and is also linked to money. A startup must swiftly acquire partners and investors, as well as determine the best path for growth.

Last but not least, startups operate in a highly uncertain environment, which is why adaptability is critical. They must be prepared to implement any adjustments imposed by the market, and that is while they are testing concepts.

Startups are fragile, and that’s why they need a robust support structure to sustain their operations. They need the confidence to build something and keep on building that, and for this, startups need to work with the right tools and technologies.

A startup is a particularly fragile form of business that rarely inspires confidence in any area. From the reasons you have read above, Python is one of those technologies that lend the confidence and capability a startup needs to move forward. 

Lastly, there is no guarantee that the audience will like the product a startup is building. Plus, nothing says that the customers will pay for the services as well. 

In these circumstances, choosing the correct programming language is even more critical, as it can help reduce some risks and save money during the creation process.


Choosing the right programming language for your startup can determine a product’s performance, scalability, and, as a result, user experience, conversion, and future growth.

Python is one of the best choices in this regard as it is easy to use, open-source, secure, and is blessed with many other capabilities conducive to the ideal environment of a startup. 

To sum it up, hiring a Python development company for your new product development is the right move that will help you build a better product quickly and cost-efficiently. 

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