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ReactJS Development June 15, 2022

7 Web App Ideas To Try Using ReactJS

Written by Vishal Shah


Web app development and designing are one of the hottest trends today. The reason behind this is the reliance of users on the internet for almost everything. As companies target to bring their apps to the market as soon as possible, there is a need for a fast and powerful tool.

If you are a newbie to development and want to learn how to develop web apps, you can choose ReactJS web development services. ReactJS is an awesome tool framework that enables developers to develop creative apps faster.

In this article, we will analyze some mind-blowing app ideas based on which you can learn to build a stunning app!

Why Choose Reactjs Development Services?

Now, what is so special about ReactJS? Let’s find out!

ReactJS is an open-source, Javascript frontend library that allows developers to develop top-end user interfaces. The tool is developed by Meta and is primarily used for single-page applications. Unlike other tools, there are some remarkable features that make ReactJS ideal for your development projects.

  • Virtual DOM: One of the critical features of ReactJS is virtual DOM. The feature keeps a copy of the changes made to the code in the cache memory. When these changes need to be implemented, they are applied to the real DOM.
  • Modular code: ReactJS code is modular. It means that the code exists in the form of components. As these components are not affected by each other’s functioning, they can be used again, which enhances productivity.

  • Custom code components: ReactJS has a unique feature known as JSX. It is a syntax extension of JS that allows the developers to write custom components.

  • Scalability: Apps made using ReactJS web development are easy to scale due to their modular code. Moreover, the code of the app is easy to maintain.

Innovative App Ideas to Implement Using ReactJS

As ReactJS has all that you need to develop an app, the next thing you need to analyze is which app to develop. There are millions of web apps available on the internet, which are used by billions of people every day.

To ensure that your application stands out from the others, you need to pick something trendy as well as utilitarian. Here are some cool app ideas that you need to try with Reactjs development services.

1. A Chat App

Chatting App

Though it may seem like a primitive idea, it will be a great way to begin your development journey. You can build a real-time chat platform for those who avoid complexity and wish to enhance their user experience.

You will be surprised to know that you can build a chat app in less than an hour. Using ReactJS, you just have to work on the UI of the app, while you can use an API like Mirrorfly to take care of the backend.

2. Movie Recommendation App

Movie Recommendation App

As there are a lot of choices for movies out there, it can become tough for a person to search for movies that match their interests. This is where our next idea lands. With the use of ReactJS, you can develop a web app that recommends movies to users.

As your data management skills will also be under check, you need to focus on data analysis methods to deliver better results. On top of that, you need to design the UI and UX of the app in a creative and interactive way for engagement. You can keep a questionnaire for the users to deliver them helpful recommendations.

A movie recommendation app can be built in 4 hours to 2 days.

3. Meme-Making App

Meme Making App

As social networks are primarily driven by memes, a meme-making Web Development can be a goldmine for you. You can benefit from a ReactJS development guide to make a simple yet stimulating UI. It should allow users to add text and other emojis to meme images fetched automatically via an API.

If you want to make it better, you can allow users to log in to their accounts and save created memes, fetch images from their device and share them on other social media platforms. A meme creator app will not take more than 90 minutes to 1 day.

4. Music Player

Music Player App

The music player application is another cool idea. Although apps like Spotify are way too complex, you can build a simpler one by using an API and by designing an interface using ReactJS. You can use Spotify API to get access to songs, artists, etc., and register your web app with Spotify. It will let users listen to their favorite songs on Spotify via your app.

You need to design the interface in a way that all the necessary functions are easy for the users to access instantly like the search bar, favorites, saved songs, etc. A music app can be built in 45 minutes to 1 day.

5. Social Media App

Social Media App

Developing a social media app can be beneficial for you only if it is different. To make it better for the users, you can take inspiration from apps like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Ensure that you are one of the dedicated Reactjs programmers with relevant beginner-level experience if you want to build a social media app.

Your social media app can have features like user profiles, authentication, notifications, feeds, etc. On top of that, you will have to use a cloud database to store all the user data with security software. A social media app can take anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks.

6. Workout Tracking App

Workout Tracking App

Fitness and workout apps are the new players in the web app development sector. Hence, you can try your hand at making a workout-tracking app. A workout-tracking app should have a utilitarian interface with all the necessary aspects in one place, such as distance traveled, calories burned, workout time, etc.

To do this, you can use ReactJS along with Firebase and Google material UI.

7. Personal Blog

blog app

A personal blog is an awesome way to invest your time and knowledge. However, to ensure that it serves as a source of information, it needs to have a good interface and functional backend. You can obviously use ReactJS to make the interface and Node.js to build the backend of the blog.

The blog should allow you ­­­ to add, edit, and delete the articles and other information content easily. You also need to invest in backend encryption for better security. A personal blog can be built in less than 3 hours. 

There are countless web development app ideas other than these. You can develop them yourself if they are basic. However, for advanced apps, you need to hire Reactjs developers that are experienced. If you seek assistance with a complex app like a social media app, you can rely on Inexture. Inexture is a Reactjs web development company that specializes in building such apps. Their adept staff ensures that every aspect of the app is designed as per your needs. 


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