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Flutter Development October 18, 2021

A Complete Guide to Hire Flutter Developer for your Mobile App Project

Writen by Vishal Shah


Even though Flutter was launched in 2018, it has gained the status of one of the most popular frameworks in the development community. One year after its launch, Flutter was adopted by 3.4% of the developers in 2019; in 2020, the percentage of developers adopting the framework increased to 7.2%.

According to the latest survey, 13.55% of the respondents were using Flutter. It can be seen that Flutter’s acceptance rate and respondents are increasing every year. To hire flutter developer, you need first to understand the development expertise and requirements of the framework.

Hiring developers is easier said than done, especially when the cost of hiring a new employee is much more than retaining one. In a world where1/3rd of mobile developers use cross-platform technologies, you need the best flutter app developer to get more clients and grow your business.

The quality of Flutter developers you hire depends on the hiring process. Listed below are a few tips you need to hire flutter experts.

Tips to Hire Flutter Experts


Discuss Level of Flutter Developer You Need

When you sit in an interview to hire a Flutter developer, you need to go there with a prior understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the same. Consequently, the extent of roles varies according to the level of a Flutter developer.

The three types of Flutter developers you can hire are;

  1. Junior Flutter Developers
    Junior Flutter developers are budding professionals and have just begun their careers in this field. They won’t have extensive experience and knowledge about the framework, but they must understand the programming language associated with the same.Typically they will have zero to one year of experience and will bring new thinking and innovative ideas to the table. Your expectations while you hire Junior Flutter app developers must not be too high or too low.The junior developers won’t be aware of every detail about the framework, and their development speed will also be slower. When you hire junior developers, you will have to train them according to your organization’s work methodology and get them up to speed on the existing projects.
  2. Mid-Level Flutter Developers
    To hire Flutter developers in the mid-level category, you can have some advanced expectations. Most importantly, they must have at least 2 of experience of specifically working with the platform.Given that Flutter was launched in 2018, this means that these are the developers who have been working with the framework from the beginning.As a result, they must have grown with it and understood its evolution till today. Besides the coding part, they need to have a good understanding of developing the business logic and experience with bug fixing.Mid-level Flutter developers need to have satisfactory domain knowledge and can work independently without mentoring. Yes, they may require some sort of assistance, but that is only for the higher level of development aspects.
  3. Senior Flutter Developers
    These are the trendsetters within the community when it comes to Flutter development. Senior developers are the ones who explore the potential of a framework redefining its boundaries and setting new examples for the junior developers to follow.That is something you must consider when you hire Flutter developer for a senior position. Not only do they bring extensive experience, but the understanding level of these developers is outstanding.Without getting into the type of questions you must ask them in an interview, you can expect a senior developer to show their strengths in the interview via their portfolio and leadership skills.

Understand the Roles and Responsibilities of the Developer

Not considering the level of Flutter developer you are looking to hire here, understand the responsibilities of the same. A flutter developer must know about and have experience with the Flutter SDK.

Within the Flutter SDK, there is Dart programming language and mobile-first two rendering engines. It includes a react-style framework and a set of widgets for implementing material design and iOS styles.

Knowing these things is essential because your ideal Flutter developer must have experience in working with these components.

In addition to this, they must know about SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases, and REST API integration. They need to understand and hold experience in GitHub and JIRA, followed by Agile development approaches.

Flutter Developers Must Be an Expert At

  1. Code Optimization:
    The majority of the Flutter applications are based on iOS and Android platforms. Due to this, the codebase must be optimized to align with the platform-specific requirements.Android and iOS devices have stellar performance and graphics, so the Flutter application codebase needs to be equally fluid and smooth.This makes code optimization skill a vital aspect to hire Flutter developers.
  2. Readable Code:To identify and hire Flutter experts from a long list of candidates, look at their code. An expert developer’s code will be readable and easy to understand.The readability of the code means that the structure, syntax, and context are symmetrical and can be read, updated, and edited easily. A tangled (or spaghetti code) shows the lack of the required skill and technical acumen.
  3. Agile Development Method:Agile software or application development methodology is not specific to Flutter but a general requirement for all types of development practices.Consequently, when you want to hire dedicated Flutter developer, the candidate must know and follow agile development methods. Following this leads to an efficient outcome for the application or software.Following agile development methods also includes collaborating with different in-house or remote teams to generate the intended outcome.
  4. Social Skills and Communication: Contrary to what movies may have portrayed, developers are not antisocial. Rather if you need a great developer on your team, you need them to be great at communicating with others, especially the team members and clients.However, do not look for a person who can crack jokes. But you need someone who can make others understand the concepts, requirements and talk with ease.
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In-House, Remote, or Freelancers | Which is Best?

As we move ahead in the guide to hire Flutter developers, let’s also talk about another important concept, which type of team is best for the development work. You have the option to hire remote teams or get in-house developers, or you can outsource the work or hire freelancers.

Freelance developers
Hiring freelancers means you will save on the cost front, mostly because freelancers are like free agents. They are readily available, and you also get the option to hire people from any part of the world.

This way, you can leave out hiring a Flutter developer at $150 per hour and onboard one with $50 per hour cost. Moreover, you won’t need to make a contract or file for the taxes of the person.
However, when you hire Flutter developers on a freelancing model, you may run the risk of low-quality output and even have to deal with extended deadlines. Plus, communicating with freelancers in a different time zone also becomes a challenge.

In-House Team or Remote Team
The contractual terms of an in-house or remote team are more or less the same, with a few exceptions. You can easily manage an in-house team and be assured of the project outcome and provide quick support, updates, and improvements as and when required.

An in-house team or a remote team means you will hire dedicated Flutter developers. Lastly, the in-house development team will have amazing coordination with other teams, which is also great for the project outcome.

While the benefits of an in-house team of Flutter developers outweigh the advantages of hiring freelance developers, the cost of maintaining an in-house team is not suitable for a startup.

Outsource the Project
Outsourcing the entire project to another team is cost-effective. It provides the intended results as you will work with a dedicated team of developers imitating the output quality of an in-house team, only at lower prices.

You will also get timely project delivery. The outsourced companies rely on your experience and testimonials to get more work. So they won’t risk losing more potential clients.

Your decision to hire a Flutter developer or a team of developers must rely on your requirements. However, for a startup, the cost of hiring an in-house team will be higher, but they will also need expert quality of the code to get the desired result.
Hiring freelancers may be cost-effective, but you may have to compromise on the quality of the code. Outsourcing the project is the best way to move forward, as it will reduce the overall cost without compromising on work quality.

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Now you know how to hire Flutter developers and which type of team is best for a startup. However, before moving with hiring, understanding your requirements is essential.
Identify the ideal roles and responsibilities of a Flutter developer and align them with your requirements to hire the best Flutter developer for your organization.

Writen by Vishal Shah

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