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Python Development March 31, 2021

How AI Chatbot Development Can Turn the Tables for Your Business

Writen by Dharmesh Patel


The key to boosting your sales and increasing customer loyalty is exceptional customer support. Every customer expects to be treated like a king. We all know that “Customer is king”, and we must treat them like the same. You have to give them the best experience, and they will be satisfied with your business.

You can give them special discounts, organize sales more often, and provide exceptional customer services, and they will be happy. But, the main factor to keep your customers happy is customer service. There are chatbots in the market that provide customer care service and other services to the users. Implementing a chatbot is possible when you avail Chatbot development services.

There are plenty of websites with AI Chatbot to serve the users. Just a simple “hi” message will activate the chatbot and will be there to assist you with your purchase, customer service, and a lot of other things. In short, Chatbot development has been popular for the last several years, and most online businesses have developed an AI Chatbot to serve their customers.

Let’s see what AI Chatbot Development is and why one should avail chatbot development services for their online business as well.

AI Chatbot Development

An AI Chatbot is an AI-powered software that simulates human conversations. An AI Chatbot will learn from the conversations it had, plus from a learning model that has been provided to it. It can easily help customers track their orders, provide them with an ETA for their packages, noting down a customer complaint, and a lot of other issues.

When you have an AI Chatbot for your business, it will greet the new visitors and send them a pre-determined message, like “Hello, how are you? How can I help you?” Such messages leave a nice impression on the visitor.

Now, let’s know what happens when you hire an AI Chatbot developer to build one such chatbot and see the benefits of building an AI Chatbot.

Benefits of Chatbot Development

You get a lot of benefits when you implement an AI chatbot in your eCommerce website or mobile app. It will greet the user as soon as they enter your website or app, then ask them if it can help them. This interaction plays a vital role in user experience. So, let’s see more benefits of chatbot development.

Chatbots Provide Instant Response

The chatbot will provide an instant response to the user whenever the user enters some query in the message box. When you have a human customer care team, one agent can only serve one customer at a time, and hence, sometimes, users have to wait a lot before they are assigned with an agent, which is not impressive. But, AI Chatbots will instantly provide a helpful response, and customers like it when they are answered quickly.

Chatbots Work 24 x 7

Unlike human agents, chatbots will work 24 x 7, 365 days (with a little maintenance, not to mention). A human agents’ team will work 5 or 6 days a week, while a chatbot will work every single day. Humans may require a leave someday, but the chatbot won’t take a break (unless he’s technically sick). With minimal maintenance, a chatbot will keep running for days, months, and years. Compared with a human taskforce, a chatbot is a beneficial option for you and the customers both.

Chatbots Reduce Operational Costs

Retaining and running a human customer care agents’ team is quite frustrating and costly. If you currently require a team of 60 customer care agents, then using an AI chatbot can get reduced upto just 15 or 20 agents. A lot of common questions like “Where my parcel has reached?”, “When will I receive my package?”, “What’s the tracking number of my order?” etc. These questions take up a lot of time and resources for the team. A chatbot will easily handle all such questions and save your team operational costs. So, developing a chatbot is definitely a smart move!

Chabots Reduce Human Errors

A human agent may mistake while reading, interpreting, and executing different messages, but a chatbot that runs on an algorithm has no such chances. With chatbot development, the chances of human errors drop to zero.

Image credit: https://imgflip.com/i/4xgcfz

Yes, it is possible when you develop an AI chatbot for your website or eCommerce. An algorithm will fetch any information from the only sources you mentioned, and that eliminates the human error possibility. So, you can send accurate and clear messages to your customers without any errors. All possible with AI Chatbots.

Chatbots Collect Useful Data

A Chatbot will also help you collect useful data from your audience. You can make the customers enter their names, emails, and phone numbers in the chat-box before they start a conversation, and you will get a lot of people’s data. This data can be used for marketing purposes. You can send them emails and SMSs and make those users come back again to your website. So, a chatbot will also help you collect your users’ data and make them visit your website once again.

Chatbots Help You in New Product Advertisement

A user may engage with the chatbot for their different needs, like we mentioned, to track their orders, to know their orders’ ETA, etc. When the interaction gets completed, you can make that user aware of the new product or service launched recently. You can set the custom message like “By the way, have you checked this new product?” and it may interest the users, and instead of leaving the page, users may get redirected to that new product’s page. This way, you can increase visitor retention rate, as well as advertise your new products and services.

P.P.S. – It’s not a replacement for the Human Customer Care Team.

If you think I will replace the entire customer care team with an AI Chatbot, it is not possible. Sometimes, a customer needs human interaction, a real person who can understand their problem and help them solve it. So, you will definitely need a little customer care team despite having a smart AI Chatbot at your service.

Final Words

These benefits will surely help you turn the tables for your business and grant you a new opportunity. You can improve your business by just implementing a smart AI Chatbot; you can revamp your business and give it an enhanced user experience. So, if you want to change the way a user feels at your website, you should try AI Chatbot development.

If you are looking for any AI Chatbot development company, you are at the right website. INEXTURE is the best company for chatbot development services. Our AI development experts will help you design and develop your customized AI Chatbot that serves your exact purpose. You can contact us or shoot us an email at sales@inexture.com to schedule a free consulting session on AI Chatbot development services.

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